Brattleboro Selectboard Organizational Meeting – March 26, 2024

The Brattleboro Selectboard organized themselves with the assistance of Brattleboro’s Town Clerk, swearing in members, electing a new Chair, Vice-Chair, and Clerk.

Daniel Quipp is the new Chair, Liz McCloughlin is Vice Chair, and Richard Davis is the Clerk.

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  • The Meeting

    Town Clerk Hilary Francis presides. She’s there nice and early! Chats with the Town Manager before starting.

    BCTV does some freaky camera switching tests before it starts, too.

    No audio, though…

    Francis swears in Peter Case, Franz Reichsman, and new member Richard Davis, we think, because there is no sound. They all have their hands up and are moving their lips.

    They all sit down. This is a silent movie version.. oh, hey there is some sound now!

    Francis starts the election. Nominations for chair – Daniel Quipp nominated. Liz McLoughlin nominated. Liz declines!

    Daniel Quipp is the new Chair. He takes over and asks for an instruction manual. “Buckle Up1”

    Nominations for Vice Chair – Liz, Peter Case… 3 for Liz. Liz is Vice Chair.

    Nominations for Clerk – Richard Davis. 3 for Richard, who is the new Clerk.

    Daniel – next is public participation.

    Liz – I want to thank Hilary for a peaceful transfer of power.

    Daniel – public participation? No? It is hard to see the screen.


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