“Perhaps More of A Hostage Situation” – Town of Brattleboro v Kurt Daims

Last February the health board (selectboard) of Brattleboro, VT, issued a health order against Kurt Daims for violations of rental health codes at an emergency homeless shelter operated by BCS on land owned by him. Daims works for BCS. He and BCS appealed to the Vermont State Board of Health.

In re : Town of Brattleboro v Kurt Daims

The decision of the Vermont State Board of Health is under appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court

Kurt Daims and BCS, Appellants

The Town of Brattleboro is Appellee

In the trial before the Board the Town attorney implied that the Appellant is operating a concentration camp. In his final statement the Town attorney told the Board,

“Mr Daims is trying to say that this is an unusual type of housing in various it’s uh documents and testimony. He’s referred to the folks living there as guests, though the guests are vetted so typical guests are are not usually vetted. There are rules that apply that, frankly, go against many human rights, but he has had testimony with regard to that. But the point is that these folks are living there under a set of rules which are imposed by Mr Dimes, and that doesn’t make it just a simple gues(t). It’s perhaps more of a hostage situation . . . ”

If this is true, why didn’t the Town file charges for the crimes against humanity ? If this is true, isn’t the Attorney for the Town violating law by not reporting that serious crime ? Isn’t the Board itself violating law by not investigating ?

The trial court decision should be vacated because of this outrageous behavior. This is all on public record.

After opposing us even presenting our defense at the local hearing, Tim Wessel wanted to kick the homeless out of the shelter immediately into the winter night. And the other officials are either ignoring or making up a hostage situation. These people are unhinged, and with their power in the courts they are dangerous. See their other bogus evidence at brmse.org.

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