New Funding Round for Windham County Renewable Energy Program Announced

Request for Proposal- Funds available for renewable energy installations in Windham County!

Windham Regional Commission’s Windham County Renewable Energy Program is looking for project proposals of renewable energy installations in Windham County.  The projects require a minimum of 50% cash or in kind match. This program has funded 9 projects within Windham County. For more information on the previous and current projects and a link to the RFP, visit our website:

Funds Available:$66,000 (minimum award: $10,000 maximum award: $66,000)

Proposal deadline:June 25that 4 pm

Grant Timeline:effective immediately, projects completed by May 31, 2019.

Eligibility: Applicants must be public entities or a public-serving institution within Windham County.

The grant program is made possible through funding set aside within the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) as part of the settlement agreement between the state and Entergy Vermont Yankee.  The grant program supports renewable energy generation projects within Windham County.

Projects funded by this program include a diverse group of renewable energy installations:

Allard Lumber co-generator:Allard Lumber in Dummerston has been working towards installing a higher working pressure biomass fueled boiler. WCREP funds went towards directing this steam into a steam engine & generator, with the resultant electricity being put onto the local grid. This combined heat and power unit will be utilized for the kiln and to generate electricity.

Alpenglo Solar: Rooftop solar installation on the Vermont Distilleries building in Marlboro which will power 4 businesses and 2 residences. It will also include educational exhibits in the distillery and museum. This project is installed and generating energy.

Grafton Community Solar:To make net metering more accessible to low income populations in Cambrigeport and Grafton, a portion of credits from the 360kW solar array on brownfield site will be incentivized to local low income community.

School for International Training: A 150 kW array on SIT’s campus offsets the campus’s electrical needs and is also be a demonstration site for crops integrated into the solar field. The site is an educational resource with speaker series and classes focused on the layered use of the land. This combination of agriculture and solar energy generation is the first of its kind in the country.

SEVCA Solar: SEVCA will deploy and integrate a 150kW, 100% low-income community solar array into its energy assistance program to demonstrate a new model of low-income energy assistance that is both fiscally responsible and environmentally appropriate. By using community solar subscriptions for low-income energy assistance, SEVCA can more permanently address energy poverty and foster energy security among low-income communities.

Windham County Integrated Resource Recycling Center: The project received WCREP funds for the feasibility study of an anaerobic digester located at the Windham Solid Waste Management District in Brattleboro. The study identified the quantity and quality of food waste from multiple commercial generators, estimated methane gas production, and project electrical generation. The project received follow up funds from the second round of WCREP funding to implement the project.

Windham and Windham Housing Trust received funds for two of their development projects:

  • Great River Terrace:The Great River Terrace project is a redevelopment of the Lamplighter Inn, Putney Rd in Brattleboro, by Windham & Windsor Housing Trust. The project will consist of 22 affordable apartments, 11 of which will specifically be designated for homeless populations. The grant funds will go towards rooftop solar installation which will power the units.
  • Flat Street Affordable Housing Rooftop Solar:the rooftop solar PV array on new development 29 Flat St will power a high performance multi-family apartment building in downtown Brattleboro.


Windham Regional Commission’s (WRC) mission is to assist towns in Southeastern Vermont to provide effective local government and work cooperatively with them to address regional issues. Towns choose to be members of the WRC. In the absence of county government, WRC provides the essential link between local, state and federal government.  We are a public entity, constituted by law and required to meet statutory obligations. We are an important resource to the 27 towns of the Windham Region in Windham, Windsor, and Bennington counties. 


Marion Major

Energy Planner

Windham Regional Commission

139 Main Street, Suite 505

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 257-4547 ext. 109

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