Ski Jump Repairs at Living Memorial Park

An interesting item in the DRB agenda – fixing up an old ski jump at Living Memorial Park:

2018-153 Todd Einig for Harris Hill, Inc. for Town of Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department; Waterfront District; request for Site Plan, steep slope, and Local Act 250 approval to repair an existing 17 meter ski jump at Memorial Park which has been out of use for 20+ years; site work will include regrading the slope of the landing zone to meet current safety standards with no addition of fill; the trestle will be reconstructed ; overgrown brush will be removed; all cleared slopes will be seeded and mulched; grass will be maintained to prevent erosion; the jump is served by an existing snow making line which may require repairs; existing site lighting will be brought into conformance with town regulations; a new electrical conduit will be installed; there will be no increase in impervious surfaces at 91 Memorial Park Drive; Tax Map Parcel #110215.000 

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  • Nice!

    Maybe some more young people will become interested in jumping!

    • That was the old system...

      … with the smaller jumps to get kids jumping, and building up their skill to be able to compete on the big hill someday.

      They also used to do more with toboggans. : )

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