Lots of Rain with Little News Coverage

Upstate Vermont, central Vermont, Albany New York area, and multiple parts of New Hampshire have experianced in some cases over six inches of rain in the last few days.   New Hampshire and New York have decleared states of emergency to deal with well over thirty roads made unpassible as a result of these rains.   All this disaster going on and not even a minute of news coverage last night.   

A few years ago the similar damage occured and it made national news.   It seems that this is the new normal.   Flooding and destructive storms everyday.  Some place in the USA is facing some type of natural disaster.  This seems big news to me yet it is becoming so common that I hear people in the blogs saying they are tired of hearing about it.

It is striking to hear how people are becoming detached by all the destructive natural events going on.    The billions of $$$ being spent in recovery and it seems like it is a never ending continuation of destruction.   What will become of things?   

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    Ho Hum

  • wet months

    Weather forecasters are saying the jet stream is changing, and what we have now may become more common as things warm. Without the normal jet stream pattern, big systems just sit there and keep doing the same thing day after day.

    So, if you get rain, you’ll keep getting rain. If it is hot and dry, you’ll stay hot and dry.

    They said the jet stream has changed due to melting at the poles and warming of the oceans.

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