How Sweet Is The First Cry Of A Baby?

It’s not that women aren’t violent. Of course they can be and have been violent.

It’s that women have the evolutionary advantage of violent events and changes to their natural bodies that put them on notice of what’s to come.

#1 – All female primates, including the female human, experience the “first day” of bleeding, in a “complex interplay” of female hormones when a women’s reproductive cycle begins. Whereas we, men especially, associate “blood” with violence, typically, a women’s first experience with blood is in fact the start of her physiological ability to create human life itself. (This is something grossly ignored by patriarchal men who have deemed women as “unclean” and the originators of “sin.” – Sin, I can assure you, is a man’s invention.)

#2 – Due to the delivery of evolutionary large-brained babies at childbirth, women are prone to have painful childbirth. (Again, childbirth is not painful as a punishment for eating the damn apple, which is a myth created by men. Genesis, I can assure you, was not written by a woman.) Because of our large-brain fetuses the human female’s pelvis has evolved and adapted to accommodate her difficult delivery time.

#3 – Childbirth itself often is a violent experience for both the mother-to-be and the newborn. The parturition is frequently referred to as labor…for a good reason. Indeed, tokophobia, the fear of childbirth, is a very real feeling. But the violence that the mother feels during “labor” pales into comparison to what the emerging fetus is going through. For the mother, first time labor is sometimes the longest. Since each woman’s labor is unique it can last for hours, even days. But it is during labor when the fetus experiences a rude awakening. Full-term babies live in a relatively peaceful amniotic universe. When labor begins it is time for the mother to reject the fetus from the womb. If the mother doesn’t begin the rejection, both mother and fetus will die. As the baby moves into the birth canal it begins an almost violent pathway to delivery. Its world, the only world it’s known for nine months, is about to end. It emerges from the mother’s body in a rush of fluids, including blood, into a foreign world unknown before. Initially, it is not the most friendly of ways to “come alive.” Changes in childbirth procedures have changed – for the better, such as underwater birthing, no bright lights, retaining the umbilical longer, resting the naked baby against the mother’s warm naked skin and other ways to reduce the trauma of the newborn from being kicked out of its peaceful womb upon entering its new world.

How sweet is the first cry of a baby when it flails against all the odds that got it here in the first place? It would be even sweeter if men were never allowed to turn our babies into the killing machines that are so much loved and profited by…the man’s religion…and macho Hollywood……

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