Terrifying Times

Just spoke with friends in Boston and Cambridge and they have never seen anything like this before. Everything is shut down; public transporation; taxis; schools; government offices, businesses- everyone in Boston and surrounding towns have been ordered to stay inside. A friend who lives in Cambridge said it’s like a ghost town – nobody on the streets, no sounds of traffic, nothing. Very eery.

I hope that no more innocent people are killed in the ongoing search for the remaining bombing suspect. 19 years old – you wonder how someone becomes this evil; this twisted by such a young age. Frightening times we live in. I wonder if we will ever see peace.

I doubt it will happen in my lifetime – hopefully in my grandson’s. 

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  • These are not the frightening times

    Kris, I’m not following you around, but please allow me to comment 🙂

    It sometimes surprises me why people express wonder at why people (of any age) are violent.
    Why shouldn’t they be violent?
    It doesn’t surprise me that most people are dismayed by violent acts.
    Why shouldn’t they be dismayed?

    Yet, will we not understand that the human animal is a predatory, violent prone creature in equal measure to its peaceful pursuits?
    There has never been a time in the past 5000+ years when we’ve been without a continuous thread of violence.

    Shall I refer our readers to Genesis? It’s there in all its beauty and terrible glory and gory.

    This is not the frightening times we live in. We’ve never lived without the frightening times.

    Does anyone have the answer?
    It’s just not the answer most people want to hear and worse, are unable to assimilate the answer if they heard it.

    These are not the frightening times. The real fun is only just beginning.

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