Living Memorial Park For Skateboard Site

Les Montgomery and Susan Avery both had recent LTEs in the Reformer about the proposed skateboard park at the Crowell location, and cited several reasons to explore an alternate site.

Ms. Avery further suggested that no alternate site solution had been offered. She went on to say: “Neighbors of the Crowell Lot and concerned citizens of our town must continue to collaborate in working toward finding alternate locations for this activity. We need a better place; better yet, we need to come together for a “win-win” resolution.”

Here’s my suggestion:

This is a photo of Living Memorial Park oriented so that Guilford Street runs straight up and down in the center of the picture. You can clearly see the ball diamond, and if you look close, you can discern the outline of the outfield fence. Below that it’s all hill, with the ski area on the left. To the right of that, you can see a row of trees along Guilford Street. It’s not totally flat at that location, but an afternoon’s work with the right equipment would configure as much of it as necessary into whatever degree of flatness needed to provide an ideal setting for Brattleboro’s new Skateboard park.

The Crowell lot is a horrible place for what otherwise be a great project. The selectboard and BASIC made a big mistake in approving the Crowell location. However, no shovel has yet been turned, so It’s not too late to rectify the situation.

This location has a lot more going for it than Crowell (Convenient central location, parking, bathrooms, transportation, visibility, and above all, it’s not next to “suicide hill: (AKA Union Street).
There must be more suggestions out there.

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  • Memorial Park is a Sane Location

    Finally someone speaks sanity. If we have to have a “skate park” for basically little boys, then put it over where there is already summer noise and plenty of space that doesn’t need to be desecrated. It’s already a place that receives tons of Park and Rec dollars as well.

    And while we’re at it… when is Brattleboro going to invest in something valuable for this town? Why are they behind the times so badly? Brattleboro needs a “Y”. Keene has one, and even a recently built second one. They’re no fools. A “Y” will attract business as well as new residents to this town, keep it’s residents healthy, give kids an alternative to the streets and would make Brattleboro enormously appealing to relocation spot when people are thinking of moving to Vermont.

    Why does Brattleboro instead nickle and dime our tourists and shoppers at the parking meters, fix $65,000 ice machines to make a skate rink when we live in VERMONT, New England, and could have an outdoor rink that would also attract winter visitors, why does this town build gyms for 14 MILLION dollar police and fire stations with a few dozen employees rather than invest in a “Y” for ALL the (taxpaying) residents? Spend, spend, spend – is all they seem to know downtown – as though there is some endless supply – as the people who live here into letting their homes go unpainted and repaired. The only well paid workers are teachers – and, voila! – there is the super school budget to loop those tax dollars back around. Are the schools the only employer in town these days? Well, kinda yah. This place isn’t going down hill because of the people who live in it – it’s because of the lack of leadership and oversight of the dollars downtown. I suppose the school budget depends on sports in order to threaten removing them so they can get more dollars for the school every time we turn around. Even the state has begun looking at that – thank God/dess. Now that they contribute they have a little more interest in what the heck is going on. A “Y” would threaten those sports programs, because who would have to fund them then if we had a “Y”. They always threaten to cut sports programs when they want money. This is a game – and it isn’t a fair one.

    Brattleboro needs a “Y” – FOR EVERYONE and for lots of reasons. Not another cruiser, fire SUV or parking meter maid. In the meantime, we also need a sane location for a little boys skate park that doesn’t hack up a beautiful location that everyone now uses. What has been built for the little girls of Brattleboro lately? Do only little boys, Police and Firemen live here? Keep thinking – it will take you quite awhile to come up with anything.

    • Living Memorial Park

      Thank you for this Tomaidh,

      Simrin Socci and myself spent over two weekends with alot of background preparation last fall creating a film on location that compared alternative skateboard park sites beginning at Living Memorial Park followed by the Elm Street parking lot, before it was leased out to the Coop, or in Living Memorial Park’s case after this spacious, open 58 acre recreation park was, I believe, prematurely eliminated out of contention, consideration or further examination. This was in large part to appease the sudden uproar from certain influential property owners and their personal interests who’s threatening reaction rejected the possibility of a skatepark project ever landing in it’s rightful place.

      Permitting such a publicly undocumented and large scale determination of the potential future use of our public recreational resources to occur displacing and unjustly narrowing the scope for the genuine greater interest of our youth while at the same time limiting or bypassing the necessary public process when conclusively ruling out LMP , in itself granted improper and preferential treatment more so for the benefit of certain individuals whoes trumping all other public involvement (the very users of this park), interest and scrutiny from ever participating or weighing in.

      It seems hardly fair that to the contrary neighbors and others in close proximity to Crowell Park were dismissed early on and finally declined by the selectboard of a logical public selection process for this controversal issue that was requested to consider all possible skatepark sites before the entire Brattleboro Community after opponents took the trouble to form and organize a major campaign to bring about awareness of and attention to their concerns stated and recorded publicly through proper channels of our town government.

      The film outlined reasons indicting positive exisiting features why Living Memorial Park should be considered a valid choice for the skatepark location comparing criteria point for point from both BASIC’s own print out and a simular chart I made up for a selectboard members to review and why Crowell failed to make the rank in our opinion.
      The second portion of the film dealt with the impact the skatepark development will have on the surrounding trees at Crowell Park and their critical root zone areas compromised and significantly reduced by permanent inground disturbaces and concrete and the effect this will have their overall chances for survival referencing the Certified ISA Arborist’s report conducted at Crowell by UFS fall of 2011 as well as mentioning other related professional sources/research and literature.

      Maria Dominguez filmed the entire series and was supposed to air in December 2012 on BCTV but never did for some mysterious reason.

      • its not mysterious...

        its political.

      • It did air

        At the risk of bursting a conspiracy bubble for you guys, I have to say it certainly did air at least once. I watched it on BCTV, for better or worse.

        • was never finished

          I believe you saw the history of the Crowell Park presented by Patty Fitzgerald and Wendy Creager followed by interviewing people at the park?

          • That's what I saw, thanks for

            That’s what I saw, thanks for the correction. It seemed rather pro-resite to me at the time so I assumed that was what you were talking about. Well, which is it – was the film never finished or was it suppressed for political reasons? Or both? Are BCTV staff complicit in this town-wide conspiracy? This is getting juicy!

          • I'm trying to find out why it

            I’m trying to find out why it did not air when it could have counted the most or why if it wasn’t finished (actually just had to be edited, the filming end had been already completed) at least, if only for the record. If you happen to find out let me know.

          • My understanding of BCTV is

            My understanding of BCTV is that it is staffed by volunteers so I guess you could join them if you want to help them get more done. Maybe it had more to do with lack of time than ‘politics’.

        • Bubble

          this bubble has an air tight seal, but I’ld gladly welcome some bursting at the seams skimmed over and kicked along in the past to relieve the tension and release some disturbing air pressure if the truth be told and admit we have a problem and better options for community healing that may exist out there for all concerned.

        • not sure

          I am not sure anyone can honestly allege that this particular situation involves paranoia if they reviewed the history of the conflict? I don’t argue anyone involved was ever up to evil toward the town by selecting Crowell. Rather, I would argue it was visionless politically driven squirming to find a quick solution, rather than planning of any type.

          Before anyone infers that those who seek answers and accountability for “the plan” are entertaining baseless conspiracy theory, I would think he would have to rule out that in any small town (where many people literally know what is delivered to their neighbor’s mail boxes, from whom it came, and about their personal finances, and more) that social networks and fear of personal or familial losses are not factors to consider in local political disputes. It makes sense to me that the local television station (as well as the local newspapers) is comprised of locals socially connected within the “community” making decisions. The possibility of burying a project with political implications, or deciding when it might be aired, is not too farfetched.

          If social local connections and politics are not factors here, I would be very interested in knowing (after an in-depth historical analysis of existing records) what emerges to explain some of what has occurred and why we seem unable to employ reason based on professional expertise, records and documents, including media, codified zoning ordinances, e-mail communications, etc.?

          • PS

            I don’t assume all historical facts are recoverable as evidence (for example, winking, back slapping, political favors, and handshakes).

          • wow

            I guess you’re replying to me. I didn’t make any allegations of paranoia but you seem to be making a pretty good case for it all by yourself.

    • Misinformed

      Skateboarding and, by extension, skate parks are not just for “little boys”. There are plenty of girls,men, women and ,of course, “big boys” who skateboard. You really need to investigate the sport of skateboarding and see how many people -of all ages and genders -are involved in this sport. If you truly believe that only “little boys” participate in these kinds of sports you are misinformed.
      And, on another topic- I’m not sure why you think teachers are so well paid but they certainly are not. Most teachers make an almost living wage and spend a significant amount of that on out of pocket supplies for their classrooms.
      Teaching has never been -and probably never will be – a well paid career choice. Teachers teach because they love it – not for the big paycheck.

      • skate parks are not just for "little boys"

      • Not Misinformed and Missed Point

        Big boys are little boys when they don’t pull up their pants. And girls aren’t going to be out in large numbers at any little play park to try and break their necks – they tend to be smarter than that. All ages? Hmmmmm. That rather depends on what you consider an adult. Definitely don’t need to “investigate” too far to see the academic achievement levels and serious life goals of most skateboarders. I have yet to see a female skateboarder in this town. You?

        Teachers. Missed point. Everyone knows teachers are our greatest asset. I do anyway. That said, it has nothing to do with the point that it is one of the largest employers in this town and most afford to live in the best neighborhoods (I know this personally). Therefore, they are clearly never going to vote against their own survival and raises in salary – common sense. So, the tax dollars loop back to them – one would think. I was well educated in Massachusetts, in a high achievement school district, back when everyone was teaching kids (for much less) Civics and the fundamentals that somehow worked magic on the economy and morals of this country. The only funded sports were football, baseball and basketball – not lacrosse and track and field, tennis, etc – private school sports. Let’s build a “Y” in this town – if we care about COMMUNITY and EVERYONE’S health and keeping kids active, safe and off the streets. It’s essential and would attract commerce and residents, anyone looking at Vermont for their families would move right in (and get rid of the Nuke threat as well).

        That’s what I was saying and where it’s coming from. Nothing disrespectful of our good teachers. I had exceptional teachers who I recall by name. One especially, was Mr. Hall, who taught Civics. Thank you Mr. Hall – wherever you are. Your positive words and impact on this World live on in every mind you opened.

        • I stand by my observation

          I stand by my observation that you are grossly misinformed about skateboarding and your views on what girls are interested in is archaic. Yes, there are more boys participating in skateboarding than there are girls -just like there are more boys playing football or wrestling. But I know of 4 bright, healthy amazing young girls in this town who are avid skateboarders and I’m pretty certain there are more. And having a safe, designated park to skate in-wherever it’s located- would no doubt draw even more girls -even “smart” ones. Girls participate in many sports that could be considered ‘dangerous’: skiing, horseback riding, gymnastics, hockey and every day there are more and more young women becoming involved in boxing; wrestling, football,etc. All sports come with the possibility of injury -no getting around that. As far as the goals of “adults” who are skateboarders- have you never heard of professional skateboarders? Tony Hawk; Arto Saari, Elissa Steamer; Vanessa Torres (oh, my God! Are those women?) These skaters are all educated, articulate, intelligent adults- who also make their living from their profession-which is skateboarding. It’s so insulting to just assume that someone on a skateboard = someone who is stupid.
          I agree that having a Y nearby is great. I went to one when I was a kid as did my own kids. I’m not sure that having a Y in town would be high up on the list of deciding factors for families looking to move here. I think having a variety of activities for their kids and places to participate in those activities would be a draw. Brattleboro-in my opinion -does a pretty good job of having a diversity in activities for kids- sports programs, the Circus School, NEYT, Girls on the Run; the Boys and Girls Club,ice skating and skiing programs, swimming and, the skatepark -if it ever actually gets built.
          Finally-about the teachers- I’m not sure where these “better” neighborhoods are that all the teachers apparently live in but the teachers that I know in town live in not very fancy houses-many of them,in fact, live in apartments and they all struggle to raise families and live a decent life on their salaries.

  • At this point it's moot. The

    At this point it’s moot. The skatepark is a done deal once they finish fundraising. In the grand Brattleboro tradition- move on and find something else to complain about.

    • complaining

      Is this what this is, complaining, and you were running for selectboard, how receptive and perceptive of you as a former candidate? I think it’s more like exposing the underhanded lack of process that failed to take our entire community into consideration, not to mention a few points of, real safety, future expansion capabilities, realistically accommodating crowds, a comprehensive park plan, providing for a wider variety of skating types with some elbow room or killing off park trees.

    • maybe you could have stated

      maybe you could have stated your position more clearly in your run for office and plugged your claim this is a done deal, it was a done deal the day Dick Degray hand selected the site.

    • ?


      I find your comment so disappointing. I agree that it is time to move on and support BASIC for the all the work they have done, after following the leadership they relied on.

      However, given the evidence and expertise found in various professional disciplines that was brought forward regarding the poor planning and potential town wide problems that may very likely lie ahead as a result of this project, and that that very solid information was dismissed as sour grapes, and hatred of youth and community, you (who also publically acknowledged after making similar comments during your campaign that you know very little about the history of the issue) have little credibility when referring to it as “complaining.”

      Have you yet even read the court appeal, relevant zoning ordinances, the Brattleboro Town Plan language regarding quality-of-life in town? I would remind you, too, that this is about people and families living, every day, in a neighborhood. Daily life just doesn’t get anymore fundamental than that. So I suggest you also read If you can then still simply reduce this issue to “complaining” I would reconsider your less than in-depth analysis and opinion.

      Barry Adams

    • Done deal?

      It’s not over until the fat lady sings. Construction has not yet begun.
      As far as finishing fundraising, $350K is i big nut to crack. I don’t think they’re anywhere neat it, and I seriously doubt they will ever do so, especially in light of all the controversy

      • LMP = 66.74 acres

        I have been informed that the actual acreage at Living Memorial Park is 66.74 acres or over 6 acres more than the previously stated acerage of 58 acres. Just this 6+ acres is approximately 294,030 sq ft or is 29.40 times greater than the proposed skatepark at Crowell Park alone, think of the possibilities and all the additional open land to one side of the ski slope or upper portions that exists for summer use. I do not believe 10,000 adequete sq ft could not be found in the entire Living Memorial Park, make that 20,000 sq ft with long boarding trails!

        • Lift-served trails

          And imagine, the long boarding trails could be lift-served!

          • it's a nice idea, but..

            your skate savvy is about on par with your post-modern music mojo

          • Baffled

            I just had reason to revisit this post, and I guess I missed this response.
            What the hell do you mean by my “post-modern music mojo”?

          • great idea

            Great idea, perfect way to pick up and check tickets to access skate park for users and keep the lift from rusting from lack of use.

  • The Place of Acceptance

    I’m not dissing this idea out of hand, many people know LMP is where the search for a spot began.

    But rather than rattle the discussion, it’d be more helpful to provide the response from your solicitation of the Rec. Dept. and Town. The spaces in the park you point out are not as bountiful and accesible as you’d imagine.

    I’d guess there’d be some pushback about plopping the skatepark right over the outfield fence, or next to the memorial garden. The most promising area would be the basin up top, but that would be a remote placement, with zero visibility except from above.

    And some constraints may not be obvious to non-skaters, such as the fact that going up the lift would require at least a smooth surface underfoot, and that currently the rule is that only strapped in snowboarders or skiers are permitted to ride up.

    To say nothing of the realities of riding down a huge hill, which is a whole other discussion worth having, but IMHO is misrepresented by scare tactics concerning Union Hill. Even the most foolish child knows the risk there, and the kamikaze does not need a sanctioned skate-spot to whet his whistle.

    Is it possible to see the advantages to Crowell, with a bias that abhors the idea of having the skatepark there altogether?

    Personally, I’m disturbed that yet another year is upon us, and there is nowhere legal to skate, and nobody in power speaking up for creating at least a meager opportunity to do this without penalties.

    • bias?

      What is really disturbing, also, is that none of the points raised by opponents (or, more accurately, those simply seeking more information on “the plan”) have ever been addressed by the leadership in town. Rather, any opportunity for a consistently growing number of concerned citizens who attended myriad Selectoboard meetings trying to participate in the process (if we can call it that at all) was shut down completely, including by one of those most responsible for the entire mess (Dick Degray) according to his own public statement.

      Here we are, a couple of years after questioners of “the plan” first raised valid concerns over green space utilization and permanent expenditure, dangerous intersection, no parking, traffic flow, no toilets, gender domination of community land, the history of a lack of maintenance in the park, trash, quality-of-life in the ‘hood, liability and future costs for already tax-strapped taxpayers in a town once again ballin’ poverty (while also approving a $14 million-ish police and fire station), going over it all again. Please remember, these were QUESTIONS that served as the “bias that abhors the idea” of having a skatepark in Crowell. If you go back to the archives, one of the first concerns was, “Why can’t we talk about these things?”
      If the location is as ideal as has been continually asserted (with no evidence to refute the expertise and resources brought forward to substantiate these concerns) the very loud and ridiculous argument that those who questioned “the plan” were simply haters of children and community (nyuck, nyuck ,nyuck) would have been unnecessary, in the face of sound and credible planning and community buy in, as would have the need to win by brute power plays – and now calls for acquiescence to a bad plan. What we do agree on Spinoza is that it is time for the plan to proceed. There will be plenty of time for questions (and solutions) later. 🙂

    • Upper Living Memorial Park

      I don’t think this is a fair assessment of the actual potential of the Upper Living Memorial Park area so eaily written off without giving much credit to those who have investigated outside BASIC’s core group which hadn’t even formed at the initial survey of LMP or who were just plain intimidated to move on from our own gifted town rec park, which is again not an exclusive country club overlook for the few .

      I have been trying to reexamine this area offering a different perspective of the many, I believe, overlooked contributing natural features and surrounding well developed amendities that already exist there (outlined in our film) and won’t have to continue to pay for double time down the road. I believe a skatepark could be created there at significant savings in the long run not having to alter the landscape countours, already having a main access road set way back from unsafe travel routes, open terrain with minimal detriment and less of a severe impact to other park uses as is the case at Crowell Park and neighborhood which still lacks a comprehensive park plan for the future to accomodate a popular skatepark in close confines.

      As a matter of fact I think this area is a natural choice as it lends an under utilized area with other skate type sports already close by being hockey and roller derby with potential to supply our community with year round activity where it presently sits idle most of the time now. As far as the argument this area within our active and maintained public recreation park is too isolated, I still believe a skatepark needs peak use time supervison and a small fee for upkeep from users (season pass or day fee from regional users and fund raising events at the abutting outdoor theater/concession stand area) so it is self supporting. Supervision is essential to help protect our asset and detour punks like those arrested on Western Ave for kidnapping last week from taking advantage and preying on of our youth’s hangouts.

      Smooth Switchback Skate trails could be created to either side of the main access road itself which would have speed bumps to prevent skateboarder use. These skate trails could be skied over in the winter as the main access road presently is, there is a huge earthen depression to the side at the top which could serve as the twin bowl w/ dividing bridge surrounded with terraces w/ramps above and trail connectors with plenty of space and no tree elimination.

      I just think too many people are closing their minds because they fear a set back, but let’s do it right the first time and not leave all these open ended consequences/perils that persist at Crowell lot(owned by the school board) to some interest’s advantage but nobody’s benifit in the long run of what we may be depriving ourselves of rather than using a little “incommon” sense so we may take into consideration and include all our concerns.

      • ...

        Are you raising the notion of children being kidnapped if the skatepark is placed on Western Avenue? Or just arguing for supervision no matter where the park is sited?

        • Bathrooms?????

          I read it as arguing for supervision. I’ve seen some comments around the idea that the nearby residents would serve as supervisors which is pretty ludicrous considering most of the nearby residents have Resite signs in their yards. So not only do they have the sting of a skatepark they are obviously very concerned about being placed in their park, they also get to function as unpaid volunteer “supervisors.”

          Is it true that there are no plans to place bathrooms anywhere? I can’t imagine how one can put a facility like this in a residential area and have no plans for bathrooms. Is that true? Is it even legal to have a facility like this in a residential area without a bathroom (sanitation)? Just wondering. It would be illegal in most cities to have a resource like this without sanitation facilities of some sort, at least those portable sani-cans.

        • Supervision, yes Ken

          I’ve lived and raised my family here for the better part of fifteen years and I have witnessed how a few of life’s certain securities we once took for granted have somewhat deteriorated or diminished all together (converted into insecurities), such as; neighbors run over by cars, frequent car accidents, mounting intensity of traffic hazards at the Western Ave and Union Hill intersection, increased and widespread serious drug dealing activity and related crime escalating here in town and soon to be the abomination of taking out historic neighborhood park trees under false pretences and insufficient planning bypassing site impact studies or a public site selection process replaced by quick setting and permanent non budging cement.

          So in short, I would not be pretentious enough to suggest a skatepark could be self monitored or expected to believe it’s very safety can be regulated by the very neighbors as designated watchdogs( those who decide to stick it out anyway) who’s very valid concerns have unfortunately not been significantly acknowledged or rightfully recognized, even at times, I would venture to say just totally disrepected by town officials. Yes I’m beginning to think anything can happen these days and does.

          I am arguing a skatepark needs a couple of essential things to work, supervision, so rules for safety can be respected by all age groups and there is a presence of authority and expertise who can step in at any given moment, (it’s money well worth spending, just as in the case of a lifeguard who sits on his or her ass most of the time tanning and looking hot but is johnny or jenny on the spot when a swimmer is in distress and does saves lives (it’s sad but necessary to have these safeguards in place), some kind of revenue generated so the town doesn’t have to keep paying (more money) out especially when revenue is as low as it is to support it’s upkeep, (this could be done by implementing a season pass (on a pay scale) and a fee for out of towners or day trippers), adequete parking, set back off major roadways, no fences but natural hedges, respectful buffers, bathrooms, adequate space for expansion or just in general from other park uses, situated in a major recreation park or downtown, open unobscured sitelines, and most of all have the support of more of our community already involved who can contribute financially to make this happen, and last but least admit we are all human and all of us can’t always make the best decisions under pressure and circumstances with limited resources and time constraints, let’s reevaluate please! It would be sad if the rest of the skatepark money had to come for outside sources who aren’t even aware of the controversy here that doesn’t seem to go away.

      • supervision

        Wouldn’t there be more potential for consistent supervision downtown or at LMP? Certainly more activity in those two options than Crowell?

        And there are toilets available. The question about toilets has always been: How can we live with an influx of unknown numbers of people from “around the region” to a “world class skatepark” where water and calories will (and should be consumed), especially at special events? Presently, many of the little kids and parents who utilize the park most are from the ímmediate ‘hood. It’s the influx of an unknown number of people that the facility is intended to draw (e.g., from around the region and to boost the local economy.) Clearly no one wants to see port-o-potties gracing our little green park.

        • Thanks for the info.

          Thanks for the info.

          • Allowing Community Input

            Here’s my attempt at a metaphore I believe describes the skatepark site situation.

            You have all these varing perspectives from our townspeople of what best constitutes a successful skatepark that mets the needs of our particular community we need to call upon to make this recipe.

            You have a process (one would hope) that can take something solid (tangible) enough we can bite into from all of these interested parties, those in a position of power, those not in positions of power but want an equal say, professionals, hands on, designers, skaters, x skaters, playgorund kids, observers, experts, self proclaimed experts, parents, neighbors, theorists, those thinking outside the (box) park, those thinking inside the box shut closed, town officials, tose who just really care including all voices and opinions who wish to participate for input. Let’s call these the ingredients and the process the meat grinder.

            You combine & compact all these homegrown and professional references, reports presented and what have you for ingredients stuffing them into the mouth of the grinder adding the salt and pepper to liven it up and awaken( once exposed wounds turning them in to disperse and cook off eventually) then start the process of grinding. From the beginning we want to avoid disproportionately using just one domineering sole brand of hamburger helper but need to include all ingredients and all natural doses of preservations and respect to the recipe (landscapes) to get what we’re after at the taste testing phase.

            We grind, rehash and maybe regrind a few more times to get the consistency and proper mixture. You grind until you arive at having enough substance to make a descent patty to grill at the park. Right off you will taste some bitter, sweet,unrecognizable, distinct, reject particles(woody bits and maple flavor) and then savor rich combination of flavors( not in a perfect world, but we will try).

            Let’s have that cook out, let’s maybe have it at LMP (cookout stands and picnic area included) or downtown if that’s what we all want. By the way what do we”all” really want?? what is best for all of us concerned??

    • vision/envision

      Spinoza, you can see the top of the hill at LMP from the road ( for me without my glasses), there is an access road to the top for patrol and two major parking lots to get closer. When I was a kid, walking a bit (exercise) wasn’t a big deal and without a slope skateboarding wasn’t going to be any fun, I realize things have changed with stationary tricks and ramps/rails but both could be provided. The best set eyes to have on a skatepark are those ones of from hired supervision with respectable set hours of use.

      • revision/derision

        Wage your campaign. Just please be aware that your beliefs are opinions. And your passions are preferences. Those who can see a skate scene integrated into the already multi-used Crowell park are not purely selfish or myopic beings, merely resistant to the litany of your sagacious requirements.

        And most of all, your notions of what is needed at a skatepark are fabrications. I have been to hundreds of parks, and skated in many places around the world. What you deem essential is in fact just your theoretical assumptions about how things work.

        And while I’m ranting- the last from me for awhile- I don’t see any repudiation from the re-site crowd about pejorative profiling and bigotry towards skaters. How they/we are stupid, or lack goals, or are of lesser worth as citizens, or just derelict kids. If you don’t know the differences between a viable skate run and a death-wish ride, are you sure that your judgement is accurate about the difference between a real troublemaker, and a young person who happens to wear a hoodie, or have their hat on backwards.

        Finally, I don’t approve or applaud the town’s or BASIC’S silence or sidestep..But if the answers provided are not the ones you like, that doesn’t mean you have been disregarded. You can magnify the problems as much as you want. I still feel the youth of the town are the ones who have paid, and continue to experience neglect as you stoke the controversy.

        • Ok

          Contrary to your insinuation, I’m not waging any kind of campaign, just want a real chance to reexamine the possibilities that can take all comparative criteria into actual account point for point, and I don’t really know what “sagaciuous” means off the tiptop of (or over) my dull point (head or knoll) but I’m sure it is not so flattering of my efforts in the context you imply. Of course everything I have said is an opinion, it can be said that it has been mere opinions that have driven this project when very opinionated but critical decisions were made by key town officials to push this project through purposely narrowing their vision squinting out of view, out of the picture into obscurity reduced to meager disregard, to the exclusion of other community members affected the most. This is about community and how we do things collectively or not in this town more than it is about anything else.

          I feel bad and are truly sick of arguing my points you say are unfounded without basis, lacking and not having a grip or hands on expertise you possess of worldly skateboard knowledge. I just know about where I live and how the choice of the Crowell Lot location has negatively affected so many, as you stated “integrated into an already multi use park” exactly “already” being the key word, I might add in my opinion would be compacted and aesthetically altered many aren’t happy about, but I’ve already made my points there and maybe I will set up camp a top that magnificent towering Norway Spruce when it gets the ax to emphasize my point like Julia “Butterfly” Hill .

          I would never profile a skateboarder for being just that, as I would never label my own son who is an avid boarder, obviously nobody can control the extreme characterizations of any group singled out for criticism and to be completely fair this has never been anyone I know in our groups intention using it as some warped strategy. Conversely, others and myself have been constantly defending the fact we aren’t the youth haters we too often have been predetermined and inaccurately portrayed to be as a malign, reactionary way of discrediting or distorting our values with the rhetoric of false impressions cast out to taint our image. Incidentley, I have in fact witnessed skaters go down Union Hill on many occasions, that much is true. With all your knowledge and insight it’s really a pity everyone seems so fixated and hell bent on not working on solutions for some common ground and resolution in an attempt to ignore this reoccurring dispute, just more point and counter point in a war of words and no action, welcome to my world!

          • At the risk of being labeled

            At the risk of being labeled against skateboarders or kids . . . it is my opinion that siting a skateboarding park in a small area with so many residential homes so close by is a very bad decision. It is especially confusing when it has been done in a small town with so many open spaces within the town’s limits that have much greater distances between park and homes. This decision is confusing and confounding.

            And might I add, I am familiar with skateparks and the noise and issues that surround the installing of skateparks having nephews who are extremely avid skateboarders living on the west coast. I know what issues have come up in their neighborhood over skateparks and skating. It just seems like this placement was such a slap in the face to those who live adjacent to the park and there are many who do live far too close for this to have been a well thought out decision. That said, this is not about being “against” anyone or any activity. It defies good judgment to place this skatepark in this particular area. That is my opinion and it is based on experience and familiarity with the issues of parks after they are installed.

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