Tip Jar Stolen from Top of the Hill Grill

I took my family to the Top of the Hill Grill for dinner on Tuesday night around 7:00 pm. Just before we arrived, apparently someone walked off with the staffs tip money, jar and all!

If anyone at that time noticed that happening, I would hope that they would tell someone anything that might bring the theives to justice. Maybe a description or a licence plate #.

Mostly I just want to say to whoever did this that I know it was a crime of opportunity but it was an evil notion to even consider stealing from the people who were there working for a living, working for you most likely. I don’t know if the police were called but I do hope you choke on whatever you get with that money. Bad Karma will be sure to follow you.


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  • Karma ?

    ” I do hope you choke on whatever you get with that money. Bad Karma will be sure to follow you.


    PBF, I share some of your outrage.

    Of course, stealing the tip jar was a lousy act. It was wrong. Period.

    But It is hard for me to believe that bad Karma “surely” follows anyone.

    It seems that in this life, many times “opportunities” arise to take advantage of other people, to steal, harm others at will, and there seems to be no negative consequences of those types of actions.

    I personally believe that some actions are evil, but in this life, sometimes, contrary to the old saying, crime really does pay, and pay well. Robbing pensions for example, seems to be rewarded highly.

    Also, while the action of stealing the tip jar was clearly wrong, who knows what motivated the theft?

    It does not make the action less wrong of course. But I once saw police chasing a man who had stolen infant formula. I am not faulting the police, they were trying to stop a robbery, and trying to stop chaos. I even applaud them for trying to stop chaos.

    But in desperate times, decent people sometimes do desperate things. This theft of the tip jar may have been done because it was easy, and the person who took it was greedy. Or, they have been made a mistake based on extreme need.

    If it was the later, I don;t want the thief to choke, I want them to give the money back. The odds of that are slim, but the odds that they will give the money back seem much better than that they will choke on whatever they purchase.

    • Giving It Back and Choking

      I love ethical argument.

      Giving it back and choking on the deed have the same likelihood of happening; however, the person who did this is no fool, they did not take that jar in public place without being quite deliberately clever and knowing that they needed to be “sneaky” – they considered it, knew it was wrong, did it anyway. Stealing is stealing. Look at Wall Street – and we seem to have forgiven and forgotten them and the Administration that allowed it.

      Disparate people do disparate things. True. And most likely they aren’t eating at top of the hill grill. It was an opportunistic act and it was a crappy thing to do to the people serving them dinner. They know it, we know it, because it was crappy and wrong. Dressing it up in “what if’s” is pretty naive. I don’t care if they choke particularly – because whatever happens they will meet up with it somehow, no doubt in my mind. I’d just like to think that in this community there are people with more concern for others as well as themselves. I don’t care if they thought a fleeting moment about doing it because it was there – temptations are everywhere in life – I’d just like to think that in 2013 in Brattleboro, Vermont, that they would have the moral integrity to correct themselves and to grow inside toward the outside. Because people who would do that? They are all stuffed up in themselves… in a rather bad way. I guess it is a kind of compassion to recognize that. Everything from this theft to our opinions of it, is a test.

      • speaking of crappy...

        To the young man who pooped his pants and then left his gray Fruit-of-the-Loom boxer shorts in my driveway, I am truly sorry for your dreadful public predicament. These things do happen and I have little doubt anyone prefers to poop in his pants. However, Crowell Park is only one house away and it is apparently not recognized as a problem to do that there.

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