Vermont Doctor Assisted Suicide Becomes Law Monday- I Don’t Think It’s Right – Do You?

Comment to “End-of-Life Bill Becomes Law Monday” Burlington Free Press in Vermont

Shumlin’s List

If the ” Nazi’s”  over at the Vermont Board of Medical Practice and the “Nazi’s”  “we” elected to the Vermont State Legislature would stop telling doctors how much prescription pain killers they can (and can NOT) prescribe, and stop hounding and stalking patients and trying to falsely accuse them of “selling” the scant few prescription painkillers they are allowed, while simultaneously the Police are scanning the Vermont  Prescription Drug Monitoring plan  patient history so they can harrass the patients; if all this wasn’t going on, do you seriously think people would want a Lethal Injection if they had enough prescription painkillers to be comfortable?

Shumlin’s List – Vermont is now
a “Nazi”  State where it is in your own
best interest to be dead rather than
be accused of being “addicted” to a
prescription painkiller when you are
terminally ill. 

God gave us every seed bearing plant.
Genesis, Old Testament Holy Bible.
Poppies and Marijuana should be 100%
legal, including growing as many as
you personally need and want.

The United States of America has become
a land of Perverts, perverts in the Legislatures
sticking their noses up your orifices where
they don’t belong by creating Laws to
deny you Privacy in your Body, in your Personal Papers and Medical History and in your Home and Yard!

Proof of your lack of
privacy is that they even wrote this un-Godly

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cris Ericson

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