How Many People Are In Prison For Identity Theft? Why Not Put The Owners Of Facebook In Prison For Identity Theft?

How many people are in prison for identity theft? Why not Facebook?

Just because the owners of Facebook are rich beyond belief, a profit they made selling our personal data, are they above the law? Why haven’t their computer servers been confiscated and seized?

NY Daily News Link

“… data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica has a link to a Chinese security and logistics company run by Erik Prince…who founded private military company Blackwater….”

“…Cambridge Analytica, has been accused of improperly using information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts….”

…”China’s biggest state-owned company, Citic, is a major FSG shareholder.”… [note: BEIJING (Reuters) – Hong Kong-listed Frontier Services Group (FSG), co-founded by former U.S. military services contractor Erik Prince]

“…was announced that Britain’s information commissioner Elizabeth Denham is pursuing a warrant to search Cambridge Analytica’s computer servers…”

“…to investigate Facebook and political campaign consultants Cambridge Analytica over the alleged misuse of millions of people’s data….” Copyright 2017 The Associated Press

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