Suggestion! High School Play on Gun Rights?

How About A Brand New High School Play on Gun Rights?

Alternate method to teach gun rights to children by doing a high school play! (Just a suggestion!)

(1) The scene where the Native American Indians are defeated by the European settlers with guns
and the Native American Indians are forced onto reservations, losing their homelands;

(2) the scene where the European settlers invade Africa and chain the Black African people and stack their
live bodies in the bottoms of sailing ships and take them to the new America to work as slaves;

(3) the scene where the Jews are not adequately able to defend themselves and are killed by
Hitler’s armies;

(4) the scene where school children are shot and killed because there are no National Guard Troops at every door of every school building to protect them;

(5)  Video tape your school play, with your parents permission, and put it on public access television and YouTube.

This suggestion (with prayers) to teachers and students and parents by

Cris Ericson

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