Predict Wayne Estey Will Win Also

Not based on numerology, but based on the new science of nomenology, which I just invented for this posting. And well, maybe he’ll just make a more-than-could-have-been-expected good showing, but let’s think outside the envelope or whatever and give things a shake-up.

OK, so I noticed that this candidate, who is challenging incumbent Windham County Senators in the August 14 Democratic Primary, is named Wayne Vernon Estey. Lot of Waynes out there, but I figure with his middle name being that of one of the towns in the district, that gives him an edge in Vernon. Then the piece of resistance: Estey! An important Brattleboro family name from the past, with, of course, the noted Estey Organ Company, Estey Street, and Esteyville all in the mix.

So if he can take Vernon and Brattleboro, based on these names, and make a fair showing in the other towns….

Mr. Estey should do well also in Guilford, Dummerston and Putney, which all voted by a big margin to reject the school merger question on the ballot last November. Both the incumbent State Senators voted in the legislature FOR Act 46. Candidate Estey is the only one in that race whose platform includes opposition to the forced merger proposal. Got my vote for that, alone. (& in fact the rest of his positions are excellent.)

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