“The Stand At Paxton County”

I always thought very highly about Humane Societies and animal rights people in general. It’s not always the case.

In the film “The Stand At Paxton County”, I got an entirely different view of the whole situation. (It’s currently available on Netflix)

Though the film is fiction, it’s based on reality.

The events actually took place on a Gladstone, N.D., ranch owned by Gary Dassinger.

A person who had never been to Gary’s ranch submitted a complaint April 22, 2017, to the Stark County Sheriff Department that his animals were uncared for within the parameters of North Dakota law, Title 36, Livestock Chapter 36-21.1. Humane Treatment of Animals.

The entire story and the movie upon which it was based, takes you down a long, windy road, where the Dassingers were harassed, intimidated and manipulated.

It was about two things:

Overzealous animal rights activists, and…

As always $$$. Corrupt law enforcement and government officials were enriching themselves by selling the livestock they confiscated.

Things are not always what you think.

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