Watching The Queen’s Funeral Live

Did you watch the Queen’s Funeral “live” today?

If you can trace your ancestry back to the mid 1700s, the King of Great Britain was keeping track of your ancestors before then because prior to the Declaration of Independence, he was still trying to get tax dollars out of them.

While watching the proceedings of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, I wanted to trace a piece of jewelry that I had always thought was junk jewelry because great aunt Annie called it a “trinket”.

I sent an photo of it to an online antique dealer
with the now famous photo of Queen Elizabeth wearing
a green dress and a bow shaped brooch. The online
antique dealer from Great Britain asked me to ship it to
them to look at.

Oops! Better go over family history again and thank
the Lord for the Declaration of Independence.
The family history I have records of goes to a Native
American Indian woman on one branch who married
a fellow named Giles Brent.

Magna Carta historians for the King followed people
from Great Britain to the Colonies in order to try to
tax the hell out of subjects who had fled religious
persecution. To my surprise, this history included
the fact that Giles Brent had taken off to the new
world and married a Native American Indian.

Magna Cara history? Well, like I said, if you can
trace your family history to the mid-1700s before
the Declaration of Independence, the King of
Great Britain could fill in the rest for you, all the
way back to the Magna Carta.

Why? Because if your relative over there, back then,
didn’t like the choice of religion mandated by the King,
then guess what? They would just take your property
and possessions! Yikes! No wonder young Giles
Brent took off to the new world colonies!

I came across this while getting bored with the Queen’s
coffins long drive through England.

Catholic Forfeitures during the English Revolution: Parliament and the Role of Sequestration Agents
“Catholics who refused to conform and worship
in accordance with the Church of England
faced the penal law sequestration,
which forfeited their personal or real estates”…

I posted this online 10 years ago:
18 MARCH 1848 NEGRO BOY JIM side 1
family history from great aunt Annie where she was born in Kentucky
daughter of immigrant Larse Ericson of Sweden,
genealogy includes her mother Elizabeth Magruder;
her mother – Lucinda Clark;
her father – Willet Nichols Clark; his mother – Ann Nichols;
her mother – Martha Smith; her mother – Ann Burgess;
her mother = Martha Waring; her father – Basil Waring;
his mother – Sarah Marsham; her mother – Katherine Brent;
her father – Giles Brent, Sr.; his father – Richard Brent of
Gloucestershire, England (1573-1652) and accused on “wikitree”!

“Wikitree”: Richard Brent was buried on 1 May 1652 at St. Mary’s, Ilmington,
Gloucestershire. Administration of his estate was granted to his son
George Brent on 21 May 1652 and further administration in 1677
was granted to his nephew, Robert Brent.
Sequestration of Estate for Recusancy
In 1644, two-thirds of Richards estate was sequestered for recusancy.
“25 January 1654/5, Order for search to be made in the old books
as to the sequestration of the manor of Larkstoke, Co. Gloucester,
for the recusancy of Richard Brent the elder, deceased, or of Foulke Brent,
Richard Brent the younger, Edward Brent, George Brent, Anne Brent and
Jane Brent, children of said Richard Brent the elder.” … “When his children
were summoned to take the [loyalty] oath there appeared only Mrs. Anne Brent
and she refused to take it.
The estate was therefore continued under sequestration,
all of them being known papists. Dated at Gloucester 10 May 1653”.
(Royalist Composition Papers, S.P. Dom, G 72, p.231).

Apparently words like “sequestered for recusancy” meant that
because you were a “known papist” the King would take your property
and possessions.

Then just as I’m getting as bored as can be with the Queen’s casket
still rolling along the streets of England “Live” on Youtube,
I come across the actual Magna Carta book:
“Children or Richard Brent, Esq.”…
“Giles Brent. Esq., born 1600, Roman Catholic, at Jamestown, Virginia
23 May 1625. He removed to Maryland in 1638 with his brother…He received
a grant of the manor of Kent Fort on Kent Island. He married Kittamaquund
of the Tayac of the Piscattaway Indians”

So, if the online antique dealer was familiar with the Magna Carta book
and familiar with the fact that the King kept track of people who moved
from England to the new Colonies so he could tax them from afar,
then no wonder they wanted me to ship them great aunt Annie’s
bow shaped brooch. Like hell! They were going to put it in the
coffers of the King for late tax payment.

I firmly maintain that the brooch is nothing but junk jewelry.
After all, great aunt Annie called it a “trinket”.

I haven’t been included in any political candidate debates yet,
but if I am, then I’ll wear it.

Queen’s funeral.

Cris Ericson

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