What Is An Appropriate Political Protest Poster? After “FJB” and Code Pink Vagina Hats, How Far Can We Go?


(1) There’s the ever growing fame of photos of President Joe Biden with “FJB”.
(2) There’s “orange man bad” photos protesting former President Donald Trump.
(3) There are the amazing poster photos of Code Pink ladies wearing Vagine Hats.

I’m Ms. Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator on your election ballot.
After having been excluded from the 3rd political candidate debate for candidates
for United States Senator, this one by WCAX on October 26, 2022,
including only U.S. Congressman Peter Welch, Democrat
and Gerald Malloy, Republican,
I wanted to make it clear that one reason Vermont has never sent a woman
to the United States Senate before is because the Blue Team – the Democrats
and the Red Team – the Republicans, appear to be clearly in conspiracy against
all women, and non-major party candidates.

There are eight (8) candidates on the election ballot in Vermont for U.S. Senator
but the entities which held the debates did everything they could to make voters
think there are only two (2) candidates.

I use the word “little” on my protest poster. By “little” I mean that U.S. Congressman
Peter Welch, Democrat and Gerald Malloy, Republican did not have
a significant amount to contribute to big issues and they did not
have large and important messages. Their solutions to problems would do “little”.

By using the words “red” and “blue” I am referring to the common terms to describe
Republicans and Democrats.

By showing some vague stylized illustrations of partial male body parts,
although tiny, I am expressing that if Code Pink ladies
can wear a Vagina Hat, and if a Supreme Court Justice doesn’t know what a woman
is, then as adults, maybe we should give a few hints as to the difference in sexes,
after all, I’m complaining that
no woman has ever been elected to the United States Senate from Vermont.

Then there’s the shocking words I use on my poster: prick and balls.
Dear me, what am I thinking? What is a prick, could any U.S. Supreme Court
Justice define that? What are balls? Can we say “Vagina” again?
The vagina wasn’t invited to the debate with the prick & balls.

Protest poster by the un-invited Ms. Cris Ericson who has been demeaned and humiliated and oppressed by the non-inclusive media in conspiracy with U.S. Congressmand Peter Welch – Democrat and Gerald Malloy – Republican to exclude her and discriminate against her. http://crisericson.com

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