Countdown to Nuclear Ruin in Kentucky

The Nuclear Plant in Paducha, Kentucky is set to shut down at the end of May (less than a week).

This piece was published in EcoWatch It really makes one think about what a horific mess the nuclear industry is in and I wonder if regular Kentuckians even begin to understand the implications.

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  • A major disgrace

    A new definition for corruption?
    Boehner and McConnell? I’m not surprised.
    Quote: “the equipment in the plant has been run to decrepitude with no attention to maintenance”
    Isn’t that the Entergy business model?

  • Paducah nuclear plant

    Here is an article from 1999 about illegal dumping around the nuclear plant in Paducah, KY

    Here’s the opening paragraph:
    PADUCAH, Ky. The discovery of radioactive black ooze seeping from the ground a quarter-mile from the U.S.-owned uranium plant here has buttressed workers’ claims of unlicensed dumping of hazardous waste outside the factory fence.
    I lived for three years in Murray, KY about 35 miles from there and went to Paducah a number of times a year. It was where the synagogue for western Kentucky was located. There also was a farmers market. I was pregnant the first year I was there and both me and my daughter have had thyroid problems. I had to have a partial thyroidectomy and a cancerous nodule was found. I strongly suspect exposure to radiation from the plant was the source of our problems.

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