Rep Alan Grayson (D – FL) on US Surveillance

I got to watch a fair amount of CSPAN last week as I recovered from a flu. One of the more interesting moments came late in the week, after most of the work for the week was through and members could use their time to talk about anything they wanted.

Rep. Grayson, a lawyer and a former phone company president, decided to spend about a half an hour talking about PRISM, phone records, metadata, and government spying on US citizens. It’s a pretty good overview of the known programs, and he offers up some good points of further inquiry.

If you feel a need to get an overview of what’s going on, this is a good piece to include in your research.


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  • Good speech

    Thanks for posting this, Chris. I had read that Grayson spoke eloquently on the House floor on this matter but hadn’t seen it. Will send the link to a few people who aren’t particularly text-oriented.

    • Grayson is usually right. I

      Grayson is usually right. I heard some of what he said and he, as usual, had excellent points. I’m so glad he was reelected.

  • Here's a useful link to a

    Here’s a useful link to a story that explains how much can be learned or surmised from very simple metadata details.

    In it, the clock is turned back and we go looking at some memberships in organizations by American revolutionaries. Specifically, we are interested in a Mr. Paul Revere.

    Short version: Tiny amounts of Metadata + complex math = more information than most would imagine possible

    It’s worth a read: Using Metadata to find Paul Revere by Kieran Healy.

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