Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Ballot Results

At Representative Town Meeting today, March 25, the body voted through Australian Ballot on Article 11:

“To see if the Town will authorize the following capital purchase for the Fire Department: The purchase of an aerial ladder truck at an estimated cost of $950,000, and will authorize the issuance of notes and/or bonds in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $500,000 at a rate of interest not to exceed 5% per annum for a term of 10 years to pay a portion of the cost of said aerial ladder truck. The vote on this article shall be by Australian Ballot as required by law. The question to be voted upon is as follows:

“Shall the bonds or notes of the Town of Brattleboro in an amount not to exceed $500,000 and bearing interest not to exceed 5% be issued for the purpose of purchasing for the Fire Department an aerial ladder truck?

If in favor of this Article, make a cross [x] in this square [   ].

If opposed to this Article, make a cross [x] in this square [   ].”

The results were are follows:

Yes: 113

No: 10


Thank you,


Hilary Francis

Brattleboro Town Clerk

230 Main Street, Suite 108

Brattleboro. VT  05301

ph 802-251-8129

fax 802-257-2312

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