Outrageous Conspiracy Theories

Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories…G.W. Bush (to United Nations, 11/10/01)

Everybody’s heard the term “conspiracy theory”. In fact, conspiracy theories abound, but that’s only because actual conspiracies really do exist. If you study History, and eliminate natural events, what’s left almost surely involves some sort of conspiracy.

So, what’s really going on?

Here’s one answer:

“United States is overwhelmingly and increasingly in the hands of a very narrow sector of corporate wealth, private wealth and power. They have counterparts elsewhere who agree with them and who interact with them and that’s who rules the world.” – Noam Chomsky

Food for thought? Absolute nonsense? Something else?

Let’s hear some thoughts.

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  • Stealth Politics

    Unknown to the public at large, most US billionaires have given large amounts of money – and many have engaged in intense activity – to advance unpopular, inequality-exacerbating, highly conservative economic policies. But they have done so very quietly, saying little or nothing in public about what they are doing or why. They have avoided political accountability. This sort of stealth politics is harmful to democracy. Their key issues are cutting social security benefits and abolishing the estate tax.

  • conspiracy "theory"

    Conspiracies are more than just theory, people are convicted of criminal conspiracy every day in courts of law. What most people mean when they use the implied derogatory term “conspiracy theory” is foil hat paranoiacs holed up in a bunker in Montana. (Incidentally, aluminum foil does scramble microwave wave transmissions.)

    The mixing of legitimate and questionable conspiracies serves to obfuscate the investigation of the legitimate variety. What is “legitimate” in this context? Scientific fact and objective evidence, such as the ongoing conspiracy to steal all the wealth of the planet by the .01%. That can be factually verified by financial and other official records. Corporations regularly conspire to hide evidence that their product causes harm or death. When factual conspiracies like that are mixed with such rubbish as flat earth theory, the result is the discrediting of the legitimate conspiracies.

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