Brattleboro Selectboard Candidates 2019

Brattleboro voters get a choice this year for all open Selectboard seats.

For the 3 year term, new candidate Ben Coplan will be running against incumbant Tim Wessel. Voters will be able to pick one.

For the 1 year term, four candidates have declared. Oscar Heller, Elizabeth McLoughlin, Daniel Quipp, and Franz Reichsman are the options. Voters can pick two.

As usual, I’ll be emailing questions to all of these folks. If you have suggestions for questions, let me know.

Candidates for all offices are welcome and encouraged to share their bios, goals, visions of Brattleboro, and requests for votes here on iBrattleboro anytime.

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  • Interesting line-up

    I’ve heard Ben speak at other public meetings, and I know Tim.

    I need to learn more about Oscar, and know that Elizabeth has been active with planning. Daniel and Franz both attend many select board meetings and weigh in on matters (Daniel usually energy, Franz often finance.)

    Everyone seems qualified. It will be tough choosing’ for Brattleboro.

    • Hello!

      Oscar here. I’d love to talk to you sometime and introduce myself.

      Quick intro: I’m 30, so definitely the youngest candidate. I’m the chair of the town Energy Committee and a small business owner. I met with the other three candidates at Amy’s the other day to get to know each other, and I respect them all and think that any two of us will serve the town well. I think I can provide some fresh perspectives, and I personally would like to see young(ish) professionals, renters, etc. have more of a voice on the Selectboard.

      I’m taking this campaign seriously and you’ll probably see me out in town a lot over the next month. I just finished creating my website and have started posting issue articles at

      Everyone reading, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I love talking about town issues! My email address is, and my phone number is 802-380-6847. You can also message me on this site.

      • Thanks!

        Thanks for the introduction, and feel free to re-publish your issue articles here anytime.

        I’ll be sending a series of official iBrattleboro questions soon, but just in general, is there something specific that motivated you to run?

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