New Town Meeting Representatives – Young Ones!

I am happy to say that my son Cade Glover-Yellovich (pictured, on right) caucused in as a District 3 Town Meeting Representative last night, joining Andrew Marchev (left) as the voices for the ‘youth’!

Thanks for stepping up!

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  • Nice

    Good for them! (Are they legal? Doesn’t the state have to agree to youth voting in Brattleboro?)

    (and apologies for the way the software crops the photo for the front page icon…)

  • Legal

    Cade is 19 and Andrew is around 28 or so …And a lawyer!

  • Brave Youth

    Actually, I think of “youth” as being under the age of majority. Both of these men are above that age, and one of them is approaching 30, so I see this as more like two younger adults running for Town Meeting — or being caucused in, which amounts to the same thing. Diversity is the name of the game if you want fair results, so it’s nice that some younger people are stepping up.

  • Happy to see this

    I hope they encourage their friends to join in and lower the average age of Town Meeting!

  • Now is the time . . .

    >> encourage their friends to join

    There are still a few vacancies for Representative Town Meeting Members in District 3 – Another District 3 Caucus will be held Wed., Mar 20 at 6:00 pm at Green Street School just before the Town School Budget Information Meeting. Registered voters in District 3 are eligible to be “caucused in.”

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