Does David Zuckerman Have a Sense of Self?

I just received the following solicitation from David Zuckerman’s campaign. Below it is a copy of the email that I sent in response:

On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 8:01 AM Emilie, Zuckerman for VT wrote:


I have worked with David for many years. Throughout that time, Vermonters have often asked me, “Why doesn’t David cut his hair?”

David on a tractor with his ponytail

Vermonters understand that David is dedicated to working on behalf of Vermont families. Vermonters know he is passionate about protecting our environment for future generations. But it’s natural to look beyond the issues and ask, “why does David keep the ponytail?”

The answer is simple: David is more focused on the issues than on what he looks like.

While some people adore David’s ponytail (“It’s his signature look!”), others are not so keen. Well, we have some exciting news: In addition to bringing a bold new vision to the Governor’s office, David may also be getting a bold new haircut.

Donna, what do you think? Should David cut his ponytail off?

Keep the ponytail: Click here to donate to Team Keep It! to have David keep his trademark ponytail.

Cut the ponytail off: Click here to donate to Team Cut It! to have David cut off his ponytail.

The choice is yours. Should David let go of his signature ponytail for his new role as Governor of Vermont, or keep it, becoming the only male Governor with long hair?

The Pony Up Ponytail Competition!

We realize that a haircut is hardly the most important thing in the world. And we understand that our state and nation are facing incredibly difficult challenges in the years ahead. But we also know that, every now and then, we need to have some fun!

Thank you for everything you do to fight for bold new leadership for Vermont.

Emilie Krasnow
Social Media and Outreach Coordinator, Zuckerman for VT
Based on this email, I am rethinking my previously solid decision to vote for David. Why is he using a personal symbol, which I had happily thought was at least in part, a sign of solidarity with non-conformity and anti-establishment sentiments, as a bargaining tool? Does have no sense of self? This is disturbing.
Donna F. K-Brooks

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  • Response from Zuckerman's Staff

    Dear Donna,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. We struggled with this concept, but in the end felt it was a good way to show that David is about more than looks. And we were looking for a way to bring some levity into our messaging. We really appreciate your feedback as well and assure you David’s integrity hasn’t changed. At this point, the majority of people responding agree with you and don’t mind the ponytail, so it is looking like it might stay.

    Thank you for your message and please feel free to share other ideas or questions.

    Wishing you all the very best,


    Team Zuckerman

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