Vermont Primary Time

Ballots have been mailed… tell me who you think we should be voting for in Vermont races. Have any favorites?

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  • Balint gets my vote

    as she earned Bernie’s endorsement.
    I am mildly concerned that Gray and Balint might split the electorate and some schmuck weasels through the primary.

    Still on the fence about a lot of my options.

    I’m not particularly happy with Welch, though I suspect he takes Leahy’s Senate seat as the party establishment’s favorite.

    • my vote will be largly informed by one web page

      I watched the beginning of the Democratic primary debates earlier today.
      Welch still leaves me underwhelmed. However, the two others, while having done laudable service to the state, are fully inexperienced for the job of Senator.

      The most annoying thing was realizing that, when I was in grade 10, I was better public speaker than any of these three turkeys.

  • Molly, Dave, and the Usual Suspects

    As a registered Progressive, I disappointingly vote the Dem ballot. I like Molly Gray and love Dave Zuckerman. Beyond those, not a lot to get excited for…it’s just the blues as expected.

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