Cameras and Sensors on I-91?

Recently I’ve noticed the installation of temporary video camers along I-91 between exit 2 and 3.  There are also almost a dozen white boxes I’m assuming are getting speed or traffic counts.  Can someone confirm their purpose?  Is it for the new bridge? 

I’ve been pleased in the past to see that Vermont has not installed cameras at each I-91 interchange like our neighbor to the south has.  I hope this isn’t changing (unless, of course, they are catching heroin trafficers).

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  • I'm assuming this has to do

    I’m assuming this has to do with the replacement of the bridges over the West River. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Cameras, sensors...

    There are 4 portable cameras between Exit 2 and Exit 3. They were just put there last week. My guess is that they are to monitor the construction zone for the bridge replacement project, but who knows? A few questions I have: Are they from VTrans or the bridge contractor? Who is watching them? Can the public view them? Will they be replaced by permanent ones in the future? What are the small sensors on other poles for?

    Currently, the Vermont AOT website has webcams available for public viewing to provide temporary Road Weather Information. These can be found here:

    According to their site, “Vermont is currently working with New Hampshire and several other New England states to develop a new 511 system that will provide more comprehensive and up to date information for travelers in the region.”

    On a recent trip up I-91 from CT, I noticed at least 18 such permanent cameras installed along the highway between the CT border and the VT border. Hopefully they will help LEO’s stem the flow of heroin and crack from that area. Big Brother is here to stay, friends, like it or not, and I don’t think he plans on leaving, ever…

  • According to VTrans

    I asked VTrans and they say it is something being used by the contractor:

    Advanced Traveler Information

    Advanced traveler information external to the Work Zone has been incorporated into the project. A full array of Portable Changeable Message Signs (PMCS), Wavetronics radar traffic sensors, and video cameras will broadcast live data to a public website created for this Project using cellular technology. The general public will be able to view the construction Work Zone traffic conditions real time 24/7 at a few locations, but the data is not collected for future viewing. They will also be able to see the messages posted on the PCMS’s. The site’s traffic sensors will be able to continuously monitor traffic volumes through the Work Zone and this information will be used to display PCMS messages regarding potential delays or expected travel times to certain destinations.

    Not clear if this is for the bridge or for the paving project, but my guess is that it is for the paving as it is currently underway.

    • For the bridge project

      And… the DPW says it is probably for the bridge project, since paving is wrapping up soon and the bridge repair is going to be getting underway.

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