Brattleboro Doubles Down on Representative Town Meeting – Representatives to Elect Representatives

district 2 voting

In a close vote Tuesday, Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting representatives have decided to add a new layer to town government in what will surely represent a new era in governing the municipality.

“We felt that Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting is the best form of town meeting in the state of Vermont,” said one member. “If representatives are good for the general public, we thought we should use the system ourselves within Representative Town Meeting.”

The new system calls for the standard election of Representative Town Meeting representatives in early March, but now when they assemble in late March it will be to elect their own slate of representatives for a new Representative Representative Town Meeting.

The new Brattleboro Representative Representative Town Meeting representatives will, by definition, be an even better governing body, said someone. “It’s all about representation. Brattleboro improved things by taking away direct involvement by ordinary citizens in 1960, so taking it away from representatives seemed like an obvious improvement going forward.”

Each district’s Representative Town Meeting Representatives will be able to elect one Representative Representative Town Meeting Representative. 

Only Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting representatives will be allowed to run to become a Brattleboro Representative Representative Town Meeting Representative. This ensures that the most popular of the most popular will serve and disagreeable notions will be at a minimum.

“Having just three RRTM members will simplify local democracy,” said the Assistant Assistant Town Clerk, ” and of course we won’t count any write-in votes. That takes time and we have elections to run.”

“This also reduces the number of people who ask questions at the information sessions,” added the Assistant Assistant Town Manager. “We can meet at my house.”

The newly-elected Brattleboro Representative Representative Town Meeting representatives will be expected to meet with and communicate with their constituents, the Representative Town Meeting representatives, much like the current system.

“As a possible Brattleboro Representative Representative Town Meeting Representative, I feel I will represent the Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Representatives as well as they have represented their constituents in the general public,” said an RTM representative planning to run for RRTM.

The first RRTM meeting will be held April 1, 2022. The three RRTM reps will vote on the budget and on a motion to further reduce the size of Town Meeting for maximum democracy and efficiency.

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