Ruminations at 70

As I move into my 70’s there is a part of me that still feels like a small child who refuses to become an adult. I think there are many people who hold on to that part of themselves throughout their lives. If we do not keep some part of that past life alive in us we run the risk of losing an essential attitude toward daily life that makes sure we do not take things too seriously.

As we age we try to learn things that allow us to cultivate some degree of wisdom. Some of us do a better job than others, but we all have the potential for becoming wise. I’m not really sure what wisdom is, but when you can learn from your mistakes and figure out how to do things better as the years progress that is some kind of wisdom.

Special Legislative Session Part 2? Age Limit For Governor Candidates, Please!

Special Legislative Session Part Two??? Age limit for governor candidates, please!!! We need an age limit for governor candidates, in my personal opinion.

I sent State Attorney General TJ Donovan an email about the idea that little boy minor child Ethan Sonneborn, then age 13, apparently now age 14 if the correct birthdate for the child was given on the internet as May 24, 2004, should not be allowed on the ballot because State and Federal Laws prohibit a minor child age 14 and under from working a full time job, and the job of Governor of Vermont is a full time job.