Special Legislative Session Part 2? Age Limit For Governor Candidates, Please!

Special Legislative Session Part Two??? Age limit for governor candidates, please!!! We need an age limit for governor candidates, in my personal opinion.

I sent State Attorney General TJ Donovan an email about the idea that little boy minor child Ethan Sonneborn, then age 13, apparently now age 14 if the correct birthdate for the child was given on the internet as May 24, 2004, should not be allowed on the ballot because State and Federal Laws prohibit a minor child age 14 and under from working a full time job, and the job of Governor of Vermont is a full time job.

State Attorney General TJ Donovan did not respond to my emails to him.

I also sent emails to Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos, who did
respond, apparently though, he seemed to think it is legal for a minor
child boy to be on the official primary election ballot as a
Democratic Party candidate for governor of Vermont.

I also sent emails to Ethics Commissioner Brian Leven and he did respond.
He gave me a recitation of his work experience which included being
a legislative counsel before becoming the Ethics Commissioner.
Hmmm… sounds like the Fox watching the Hen House to me!

I personally called my local state representative Tom Bock, and
he said he’d investigate. He did state that he met the minor
child boy “candidate” Ethan Sonneborn and he said, “he’s cute”.
Sorry, “cute” is not what I want for Governor of Vermont.

State Representative Tom Bock sent back an email indicating that
the Vermont Secretary of State’s office is going to allow the minor
child boy on the official election ballot as a candidate for governor
of Vermont for the Democrats. His last sentence was something like,
“it’s crazy”.

I showed State Representative Tom Bock’s email to a local public
librarian. She seemed to agree that his statement, something to the
effect of “it’s crazy” might indicate that he agreed with me that
there is something wrong with allowing a minor child boy on the
official primary election ballot for governor of Vermont.

Also, in State Representative Tom Bock’s email, he indicated that
the Vermont Secretary of State’s office stated that if elected,
the minor child boy could not actually work as governor.
Hmmm… interesting.

The news about the minor child boy running for governor of Vermont
as a Democrat started about August 2017, do a search for “Ethan Sonneborn”.
He is clearly anti-gun, and because he has had so much news media
stories about him, he may have affected current incumbent Governor
Phil Scott’s decision to sign into law three new anti-gun rights laws.

By May 10th, about a month after my first email to State Attorney
General TJ Donovan, I had had enough of all of this. I told the
public librarian I am going to send out a letter in the regular mail.
She said, “someone’s got to do it”, or something like that.

She helped me print out 19 pages of emails to Vermont State Attorney
General TJ Donovan and emails to and from Vermont Secretary of State
Jim Condos and Vermont State Representative Tom Bock and Vermont
Ethics Commissioner Brian Leven.

I mailed them certified return receipt with a one page hand written
letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. There clearly was
no reason to contact any U.S. Attorney in the State of Vermont because
if they were going to do anything about this at all, they had from
last August 2017 to do it, and they had done nothing.
It was time to go over their heads.

My hand written one page letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
essentially asked three questions:
(1) Isn’t it a violation of federal
child labor laws for a minor child age 14 or under to work a full time
job as governor of Vermont?
(2) Isn’t it a violation of federal disenfranchisement laws to
conspire to create a voting ballot whereby voters might vote for a
minor child age 14 or under who can not work for the office being
voted for, if in fact the child is elected, so that their vote
doesn’t really count – they are being disenfranchised?
(3) is it a violation of federal labor health & safety code laws
for a minor child age 14 and under to be present in a 90 minute
candidate debate on television with large heavy duty television
lights? (not legal in Hollywood for a child to be under the
television lights for more than a few minutes at a time).

The certified return receipt card came back from the
U.S. Department of Justice on May 18, 2018.

Isn’t it time to call a special session of the Vermont
Legislature to make a new law prohibiting minor children
from running for governor of Vermont?

The last time I looked on the Vermont Secretary of State
website and in the search box put “2018 candidate listing”,
I did not see minor boy child Ethan Sonneborn’s name.
There is still time to keep his name off the ballot
and protect and preserve the running of government
for adults.

Foreign governments which are communist and
totalitarian and dictatorships would applaud
the Vermont Democratic Party for clearly
promoting CHILD LABOR by their endorsement of
minor child boy, Ethan Sonneborn.
Ethan Sonneborn, minor child boy, age 13 or
now 14, is clearly BEING USED to promote
the idea that children of that age should
be working rather than in school.
This supports Walmart and Dollar Stores
buying clothing, and selling it to us,
that was made in factories and sweat shops
where little girls in communist countries
and dictatorship countries work their
fingers to the bone until they are bleeding
sewing clothing so we can buy it cheap.

Little boy minor child, age 13 or 14, Ethan
Sonneborn, is being used as an example
that CHILD LABOR is acceptable in Vermont,
and his candidacy supports dictators and
communist countries world wide who make
little boys go into coal mines and work
with their faces covered with coal dust,
little boys who will die young of black
lung disease.

Ethan Sonneborn, minor boy child, is being
used, and he is helping communist dictators
and facists worldwide by promoting
CHILD LABOR. Beware of the new
leadership of the Vermont Democrat Party;
who are they, and who put them in place?

Cris Ericson

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  • How does 14 year old's candidacy violate child labor laws?

    The 14 year old candidate is applying to the “hiring committee” for the job of governor. The voters are the hiring committee.

    If this young fellow gets elected and starts working full time, that might be a child labor law violation. And perhaps that would disqualify him from serving as governor. But applying for a job is not the same thing as being hired, so it should be obvious that his candidacy does not violate child labor laws.

    Let’s try an analogy:

    Suppose BMH advertises for a cardiologist and I apply for that job even though I could not serve in the position because I am not a medical doctor. Were I to hold myself out as a cardiologist, that would violate licensing and fraud laws. Still I can submit an application letter (so long as that letter does not falsely claim that I am a medical doctor) without violating the law.

    In fact, it would not be the first time that I submitted a spoof job application in order make a point about that institution’s shortcomings. One time I “applied” for a reporter’s position with a letter that said (in part):

    “Dear Mr. Macko,
    “I would love to work for a publication with a reputation for professionalism and integrity, but I am submitting this application to the ———– ——– because of the shorter commute.”

    Attempting to stop this 14 year old’s candidacy is, in effect, trying to deny his right to free speech. Jeff Sessions might love that!

  • Strange never wins, but it is interesting

    A child running for governor and a child working in a sweat shop are not the same thing, to me at least.

    “Ethan Sonneborn, minor boy child, is being
    used, and he is helping communist dictators
    and facists worldwide by promoting

    He’s not helping any dictators. Not a single dictator has said “hey look at the young man in Vermont – because of his candidacy I shall send more children into mines and factories!” I suggested dropping this line of attack.

    I agree it is strange for him to run, but it is strange that many people choose to run. And I like seeing “strange” on my ballot. Strange never wins, but strange makes people think about things differently.

    I doubt that he will get many votes, mostly because people will have a similar reaction – “Whaaa? a kid? No way!” Or we will disagree with his platform. Or someone one much better will be running. Any number of scenarios could play out.

    I’d suggest treating him as a serious candidate. Call for early debates. Demand tax returns. : )

    There will be an impact on other campaigns… those who criticize a child for being a child may not do as well as those who debate him on issues.

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