First Annual May Day Mocktail Event Draws A Crowd!- Dozens Come To Speak, Share, Dance and Celebrate

Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition (BAPC) held its first annual May Day Mocktail Contest and Dance Party on Wednesday, May 1, at the 118 Elliot Street Gallery. The event honored around 50 people in the Brattleboro area who signed up to take a break from drinking for BAPC’s first “Alcohol-Free April” challenge.

“Because alcohol is so prevalent in our society and our community, BAPC really wanted to use April, which is Alcohol Awareness Month, to encourage people to try to see what a month without alcohol would actually feel like,” says Cassandra Holloway, Director of BAPC. “For some, drinking alcohol can become an almost unconscious habit and we wanted to support those interested in taking the challenge and also celebrate their efforts and successes. It really is geared to be inclusive for ALL, from people looking to take a break to people in recovery”

Oct 25 Meeting About Preventing Harm to Brattleboro Residents from Opiods and other Drugs

Many people in Brattleboro are aware that opioids and other drugs harm some of our community members.  One organization that works on this problem is the Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition, or BAPC, for short. Among other things,  BAPC members help facilitate the collection of unused opioids like oxycontin, so that they can be removed from Brattleboro, and disposed of; help smokers who want to quit find the resources to do so; help local bars train their staff so that they don’t accidentally serve teenagers; teach young children how to avoid getting poisoned by pills that look like candy, and many other harm-prevention related activities.