4th of July Civil Rights For All Banner Raising

The “We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All” banner will be raised over Main Street in Brattleboro by the Fire Department for one week on Sunday the 24th of June at 8 a.m. or a little later. This is the 7th time the banner has flown over Main Street. You are invited.

Fair Housing and Freedom of Association

This essay is part of an ongoing dialogue with my nephew. It is a response to his contention that the Fair Housing Act of 1968 outlaw freedom of association, because  it force diversity on people. I had mentioned the history of lynching. Challenging the connection between lynching and the freedom of association argument, he responded: “The number of lynchings fell to essentially 0 well before LBJ was elected: http://xroads.virginia.edu/~MA03/faturoti/harlem/collage/lynchstats.html”

Dear Russell,

Lynchings were often not simply hangings:

April 8 We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All Banner Raising

April 8 We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All banner raising

On the morning of Sunday April 8th at 8 am to 9 am the Brattleboro fire department will hang the We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All main street banner over Main St. at High St. in downtown Brattleboro.

I’m going down to watch!
It makes me feel good to look up and see those words “Civil Rights For All” on the banner up above Main Street, so I go down to watch the fire company put the banner up. I feel like being there is a way I can make a public statement that Democracy and Civil Rights For All people are very important to me. The Works will be open. In order to stand up to the bullies in our society, we say at all our events: All people who attend this event agree to be nonviolent in word and in deed.