4th of July Civil Rights For All Banner Raising

4th of July “Civil Rights For All” banner raising
Sunday the 24th of June at 8 a.m.
Main and High Streets, Brattleboro VT

The “We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All” banner will be raised over Main Street in Brattleboro by the Fire Department for one week on Sunday the 24th of June at 8 a.m. or a little later. This is the 7th time the banner has flown over Main Street. You are invited.

The Works will be open.

I believe deeply in “Civil Rights For All”. I cherish the promise of democracy. I have a dream of equal civil rights for all people. So, I go down to watch the banner go up, rain or shine. I just plain feel good when I see those words on a banner.

When we all go down to watch we will have won the peaceful revolution. Imagine that. If you came, we would be that much closer to our goal. If you came and if democracy could talk, I am sure democracy would say: “Thank you”. Unfortunately democracy can’t talk or defend itself. That’s where we come in. I am hoping I will see you on the 24th. Lets stand up together to the bullies who are taking over the world.

The banner is funded by small local donations. Please make a small donation.

positive nonviolent public action for democracy
and equal civil rights for all people
WCD/CRFA, PO Box 6231, Brattleboro, VT, 05302
woodyandsusan@gmail.com – 802 464 3154: RSVP

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