Selectboard Meeting Notes – Brattleboro Discusses Big Issues with State Delegation

Repeat Offenders

The Brattleboro Selectboard held an extended conversation with members of the state legislative delegation, handing them a long list of things that Brattleboro would like help with – money, staff, changes to laws, and so on.

Reps said they were working on many items already, but were eager to stay involved and work together to find solutions to housing, justice, addiction, mental health, crime, and other issues plaguing the ‘boro.

Brattleboro Selectboard – Agenda and Notes – November 7, 2023

Downtown Brattleboro surveillance is on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the Brattleboro Selectboard. New $45,000 police cameras will be purchased for the intersection of High and Main so that the Town can watch everything you do there, in addition to watching everything you do at the Transportation Center. Some local stores will join in and add their cameras to the surveillance system, too.

Brattleboro’s sludge removal has become more expensive and the board will approve nearly $45,000 contract increase for just six months of disposal costs.  The board will also discuss their new Legislative Agenda (things they want the State to help fix), a bike path proposal for Rt. 5, discontinuing part of Melrose Street, ordinance changes, and more.

You can request other items not on the agenda during public participation, as long as you don’t bring up something that annoys the Chair.

Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes – October 3, 2023

The Brattleboro Selectboard will delay Town work on Community Safety Review items until the state completes work on Phil Scott’s public safety initiative during their next regular meeting.

They’ll hear about their new website, buy winter sand, plan to realign Melrose Street, consult with the school board, announce committee vacancies, and more. You can bring up other items not on the agenda as long as the Chair doesn’t decide to cut you off as you begin talking.

Melrose Street Temporary Traffic Lights

As part of the ongoing Melrose Terrace Flood Plain Restoration Project, beginning on Monday, April 18, Zaluzny Excavating Company will be installing a box culvert on George F Miller Drive, forcing all traffic to use Melrose Street.  Temporary traffic lights have been set up at the intersection of Western Avenue and Melrose Street for traffic control.  The traffic lights will be put in service when the project begins on Monday, April 18 and will be in place for approximately two weeks.

Selectboard Meeting Notes – Steve Barrett To Retire, Stormwater, and a Bridge

Brattleboro Selectboard September 2021

The Brattleboro Selectboard met on the last evening of summer, and heard big news. Steve Barrett, long-time employee of the Town, will be retiring and Dan Tyler will be taking his place.  The switch happens in December.

There was discussion of racism in the community, COVID safety at the Stone Church, stormwater plans, designs for and objections to a new bridge on Western Ave, and more.

Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes – September 21, 2021

A new bridge near Melrose Street will be one focus of attention for the Brattleboro Selectboard at their next meeting. VTrans reps will be on hand to explain the details and answer questions.

The board will also hear more about the creation of a stormwater utility and master plan for the town, will renegotiate tax payments for the Retreat, explore grants for a health program and for a water and sewer capacity study, and more. You can always bring up other items not on the agenda during public participation.

Alternatives Presentation for Replacement of Bridge at Western Avenue and Melrose Street Intersection

An Alternatives Presentation for replacement of Brattleboro BF 2000(28), Town Highway 2 (VT Route 9), Bridge 54 over the Whetstone Brook will be held on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, beginning at 6:15 PM in the Selectboard Meeting Room located in the Municipal Center at 230 Main Street, 2nd Floor Suite 212 in Brattleboro, VT. This is the bridge that is located on Western Avenue (VT Route 9) just west of the intersection with Melrose Street. The meeting will be held by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) and the Town of Brattleboro.

Western Avenue Road Patching


Tuesday, May 11 and Wednesday, May 12, DMI Paving (a contractor of the town) will be patching Western Avenue between Melrose ST and Meadowbrook Rd.  The work is expected to take place between 7 am and 5 pm.  

(Rain date: Thursday, May 13 and Friday, May 14)

Motorists should expect delays in the area and seek alternate routes during these days.

Melrose Street Closure

On Friday, April 2, Utilities Crews will be working to repair a water main on Melrose St between the intersection with Western Ave and 39 Melrose ST.  The work will begin at 7:00 am.  The road will remain closed through Tuesday, April 6.   

Motorists should plan to use alternate routes during this time period.