Eagle Claw Air-to-Air Combat Exercises Over Southern VT Through June

Windham County is again being used as a temporary military operations area, with loud jets buzzing the area for about six hours a day. The 104th Fighter Wing of Westfield, MA is in training.

Does Keene still have their tank? Maybe we could borrow it for defensive actions, if required, against aerial attack.



Chugs Temporary Military Operations Area (TMOA), Windham, VT

Effective: June 1 – 30, 2021

The Chugs Temporary Military Operations Area (TMOA) will be in effect in the vicinity of Windham, Vermont during the period June 1 – 30, 2021. The TMOA supports Exercise Eagle Claw 21-01.

The Eagle Claw exercise is designed to provide training in basic fighter maneuvering and air combat maneuvering (air-to-air combat) in a clean jet configuration to comply with the Air National Guard’s (ANG) training objectives. Clean configuration means that no external fuel tanks or pods are attached underneath the wings. With no external fuel tanks, the ability for the fighter aircraft to transit long distances to and from other existing special use airspace for training is severely limited. Establishing the Chugs TMOA that is geographically closer to Barnes ANGB will maximize pilots’ training time and enable the 104th Fighter Wing to satisfy Air National Guard training requirements.

Projected typical use of the Chugs TMOA is 12 sorties per day, with expected average sortie duration of less than one hour. Use of the TMOA will be from 0830 to 1730 local time daily. During periods when the TMOA is not needed for training, the airspace will be returned to the FAA controlling agency (Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center).

The following is the description and chart of the Chugs TMOA airspace:

Chugs TMOA, Windham, VT

Boundaries. Beginning at lat. 43°23’15”N., long. 72°57’06”W.;

to lat. 43°23’15”N., long. 72°30’06”W.;

to lat. 42°53’12”N., long. 72°30’06”W.;

to lat. 42°53’12”N., long. 72°57’06”W.;

to the point of beginning.

Altitudes. 9,000 feet MSL to but not including FL 180.

Times of use. 0830-1730 local time daily from June 1 – 30, 2021; including the weekend of June 5-6, but excluding all other weekends. Estimated use is 6 hours per day.

Controlling agency. FAA, Boston ARTCC.

Using agency. Air National Guard, 104th FW, Westfield, MA.


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