Guilford Pre-Town Meeting Feb. 13

Broad Brook Grange will hold its annual Pre-Town Meeting on Thursday, February 13, 7:00 pm at the Broad Brook Community Center.

This is the only opportunity for voters to hear details of the articles which will be presented at Town Meeting, and to meet and discuss issues with the selectboard in advance of Town Meeting.

In addition, candidates for town offices are urged to attend to introduce themselves to the voters. State law prevents any “campaigning” by candidates at Town Meeting, when an Australian ballot is used, as in this instance. So this is the only time before the vote for the public to meet and hear the candidates all at once.

Those interested in declaring as a write-in candidate should take this sole opportunity to appear before a group of voters.

With the consolidation of the former Guilford Town School District into the new unified Windham Southeast School District, there is no longer an annual School Meeting in the separate towns on Town Meeting Day. To provide a school-community connection for townspeople, the newly-formed Guilford Central School Leadership Advisory Council will be involved with Pre-Town Meeting.

Chair of the newly formed Council, Beth Bristol, says, “The Leadership Council is planning to host their first Quarterly Meeting during our time at Pre-Town Meeting.  We thought it would be beneficial to the community to hold these quarterly meetings at an alternative time to our regular meetings — evening vs afternoon — so we could be more accessible to various schedules.

“Our plan is to proceed through our regular agenda items, allowing interactive participation from attendees, and then hold a Q&A session at the end.  We wanted to give folks a chance to see what we do and to provide input on issues and topics important to them.  It will be less of a presentation, and more of a discussion.”

Town Meeting itself, which will also include a presentation by the Leadership Council, will be held, as usual, on the first Tuesday of March, which this year is March 3, commencing at 10 am in the gym of the Central School.

Broad Brook Community Center is at 3940 Guilford Center Rd., 4 miles west of the Country Store. Refreshments will conclude the evening.

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