Guilford Unofficial Election Results

Town of Guilford
Australian Ballot — March 5, 2024

Unofficial Results

Total 619 Local Ballots Cast


Selectman 2 Year:
Steven Pritchard 219
*Zon Eastes 373

Selectman 3 Year
Hannah Tustin 202
*Fred “Chip” Carter 371

Lister 3 Year
*Stephen Soszynski 451

Lister 2 Year
*Shaun Murphy 490

Auditor 3 Year
*Catherine “Cathi” Wilken 438
Michael Frost 133

Windham Southeast School District
(Guilford Vote for Guilford Rep Only for Info Purposes
does not include votes from other towns)

3 Year from Guilford
Deborah McNeil 104
Kelly Young 91
*Brian Remer 336

per Don McLean
Board of Civil Authority

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