How to Watch Harris Hill on BCTV?

Big front page story in Ref this am about all the prep for & equipment & etc to “broadcast” today’s Harris Hill Ski Jump o BCTV.  Many of us, of course, aren’t on cable (not available here) so I thought I’d try the online live stream.  Clicked on the link given in the Reformer article & got an error message.

Been poking around on the BCTV site — found the 2019 jump!  But can’t find today’s — if it’s really there.

Any hints as to how to navigate their site to this event?

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  • No luck for me

    I can’t find it on YouTube. I tried searching for bctv, harris hill, 2020, saturday… nuthin.

    I did find this though – a jumper put a camera on their head and went down the hill. We get to see what it is like to jump:

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