Noticed Around Brattleboro – Fall 2020

Time once again to notice little things around town. It’s the easy add-a-comment diary designed so you can just jot a sentence or two rather than write entire paragraphs or stories. Simple!

To get you started:

Renaissance Antiques has a sign saying it is closing.

Amy’s Bakery has a sign saying it is for sale.

The West River water level is very very low.

The Fish & Chips parklet seems larger than the actual restaurant. And what a huge sign!

What can you add?

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  • Power station

    There is construction underway at the West River/Connecticut River intersection – work being done on improvements at the power station there by the bridge.

  • some more

    I’m beginning to think only a handful of us notice anything going around town. This is the easiest assignment I can give you.

    – the Shriner’s Hall is looking for someone or something to take over and use the space, according to DBA. So, if you have some money and an idea for a big public space that can’t have much public in it for a while, it’s yours!

    – a giant skeleton is asking people to vote near Living Memorial Park

    – work on the exit 2 I-91 overpass continues

  • Top Of The Hill Grill Soup Shack

    Top Of The Hill Grill will be closing after October 18th…..but the Soup Shack will be reopening in early November.

  • Heifers

    Strolling of the Heifers “suspends operations” due to impacts of COVID.

  • Daycare

    Mulberry daycare at Retreat ending? I’ve heard rumors…. anyone know?

  • Outlet Center

    Outlet Center is covered in what appears to be plywood. (Is Christo wrapping something?)

  • Pedestrian improvements

    Crosswalks on Putney Rd being installed at Hannaford and NECCA intersections.

  • For lease

    Turquoise Grille storefront has a For Lease sign in the window.

  • noticed

    New facade for Wendy’s on Putney Rd.

    Big mud pond at C&S. : )

    Gas prices have remained remarkably steady and low for quite a while. We’re going on months of a gallon being around or just under $2.

    The house across from the power station at West River, both victims of fire, has been torn down. I always liked that place. A bit sad to see the fireplace standing all alone one afternoon. One can hope that if something is built there again, it will do justice to the location and the original design.

    Work at Red Clover PT2….

  • there is more to notice!

    Thai Bamboo building is for sale.

    Amy’s open on weekends, at least for now)

    Ruggles & Hunt closed and gone.

    Candy stop on corner of Elliot that barely opened a year ago is gone.

  • Andrzej’s Polish Kitchen

    Andrzej’s Polish Kitchen will be closing for the winter on December 19th.

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