Austrian Terrorists

A few years back, I was attending ski instructor training at Jay Peak and there was no snow, so we had to drive north 20 miles to Mt. Sutton (Quebec) where there was. There was no border patrol either way.

One day, as we re-entered Vermont, a Border Guy WAS sitting in his car checking crossings,

He stopped us and asked the usual questions: What’s your name and where are you from?

The woman in the front seat said she was Canadian. No problem.

But the 2 guys in the rear said they were from Austria.

Since this would likely have required paperwork, he gestured toward Vermont with his thumb, and snarled;
“Get Outa Here!”

We need to keep terrorists like Austrian ski instructors out of Vermont.

Nowadays, this can’t happen.

All of the secondary roads have been dead-ended just short of their respective borders.

I feel so much safer now!

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