For the Amusement of Petitioners

Leafing through an old notebook, I found this poem by myself called Petitioning. It was written a long time ago in 2005 but despite the issues being 15 years out of date, it still made me laugh. If you’ve ever petitioned, you might get a chuckle too….


I’m not the kind of person
who likes to stand around
on corners with petitions
flagging people down.

If only the Selectboard
would do the proper thing
and give us an election
instead of appointing.

But their hearts are set against it —
They don’t want to let us vote.
They’d rather pick their own guy
and say “that’s all she wrote.”

So I’m here with my petition
like a civic citizen
but — no one likes a lady
with a clipboard and a pen.

“Hello! hello! Are you a Brattleboro voter? No? rats….”

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