Brooks Memorial Library Curbside Service!

If you wondered what it is like behind the scenes here at Brooks Memorial Library, here is a sample of some items that are checked out, bagged up, dated, and ready to go!

Please make sure to tell us what day (and time if possible) you plan to come, and make sure to bring a sign to display at the door. That way we can match the name on the bag with your name to avoid mistakes, while reducing direct contact 

When emailing us requests, it will help us out a lot if you include the call numbers for non-fiction materials, make a section for mysteries, and another one for fiction.

If you are calling, we can look the items up right there on the computer while we talk to you 

Please bear with us while we continue to streamline our curbside process, and we thank you again for you kindness and support 

~Your Library Staff

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