Brattleboro Town Slogan

Here’s something that the town of Brattlboro does not “need”: a town slogan. But, it might be fun to try.

Capsule descriptions of Brattleboro in advertising tend to focus on our great downtown, natural beauty and the generalartsieness of the place.

I was thinking of going in a different direction:

“Brattleboro, Vt – in the shadow of the foothills of the Green Mountains!” 


“Brattleboro, Vt – ‘taint Massachusetts and ‘taint New Hamshire neither!”


“Brattleboro, Vt – a great place to be a kid!!”

or (one more)

“Brattleboro, VT – more liberal than your town!”

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  • The One and Only....

    Yes, I do know we do have a slogan, but it doesn’t say much about our town. While it is true that “brattleboro” as a name is unique, it says nothing about who we are as a collection of people or even about our geography, which is a big draw.

    Some more contestants:

    Brattleboro – best dang main street in the United States!


    Brattleboro – where the rivers meet.


    Brattleboro – best read town in America! ((probably not true, but it could be))

  • Brattleboro slogan

    Try this website and punch in “Brattleboro” to generate lots of interesting, funny, weird slogans:

  • Poll

    Let’s start a new iBratt poll on the subject.

    How about:
    • In the shadow of New Hampshire
    • Where UFO’s collide
    • Artsie & Rough
    • Progressive on the outside, crunchy on the in
    • The One and Lonely

    • Confession Time

      I confess that that was my thought when I started this – to glean a bunch of ideas & suggestions, then submit them as a poll.

  • alt.slog.brat

    -Putting the Funk-tion in Junk-tion

    -Surf Capital of the Green Mountains

    -Change Aversion You Can Count On

    -Candles in the Day or Night

    -We Have a ‘T’ Bar

  • The voices in my head....

    sayin, “No, Zippy. Just NO!”

  • Don't know what it means, but it spells Brattleboro...


  • The $64,000 Question

    A little over ten years ago, Karl F. Seidman Consulting Services — after 8 months of focus groups — presented BABB and the Town of Brattleboro with what was to be a winning town slogan:

    “All of Vermont, Close To Home!”

    This slogan soon appeared in all the store window and on ads, only to fade away and be quickly forgotten. I asked at the Selectboard how much this study had cost the Town, and was told, $64,000.

    Understanding what it takes to come up with an appropriate slogan like “All of Vermont Close To Home!” it makes no sense whatsoever to think that ibrattleboro participants can come up with a town slogan without the help of a consulting firm and expenditure of serious money.

    The Town soon forget the $64,000 slogan, and instead put, “Brattleboro, where it can all happen!” on the municipal website. And before long it did all happen: Public nudity parading down Main Street on Gallery Walk night.

    My personal favorite is the current Chamber slogan — “The one and only! Brattleboro.” I think Jerry Goldberg came up with that, perhaps waking up one night at 2 a.m. and jotting it down on the pad that he keeps beside his bed. And it didn’t even cost $64,000.

    • The Consulting Firm Didn't Stand a Chance

      I don’t see any way a consultant could wrap her or his brain around Brattleboro.

      Here are a couple more suggestions that hint why that might be true (if indeed it is):

      Brattleboro, VT – Where Alternative Reality Rules

      Brattleboro, VT – Dick Cheney’s Least Favorite American Town

      Brattleboro, VT – We’re Not Normal

      “All of Vermont, Close To Home!”
      is actually not bad, to be honest and serious for a minute.
      It relies on Vermont’s strength as a brand which is good – what would Brattleboro be if it wasn’t part of VT – a freak show?
      And its closeness to NYC and etc. is a draw. So those 6 words do touch on a lot of important stuff – good job Karl F. Seidman!
      We should put that in our poll (along with Jerry Goldberg’s One and Only) and see how they do.

  • Unofficially, used to be.....

    “A college town without a college.” Of course, that was before the Marlboro Graduate Center existed, and we’re soon to get two more with CCV and VTech. I would suggest :”Brattleboro : Not as hip as it likes to think it is.”

    • Not as hip...

      or “Brattleboro – Surprisingly conservative in the 21st Century”

      I think we are somewhat hip, though. Little pockets of hipness. Maybe we should be

      “Brattleboro – With Hip Pockets”

      We could extoll the virtues of our locally crafted beers:

      “Brattleboro – With Hops Pickers”

      • A Slogan

        Brattleboro: Home of SteamPunk Redemption. or

        Come Round and Feed Ye Starving Artists.

        Please no more “One and Only” sounds like some side show circus act!

        No offence to circus acts, they certainly have a prominent place in our town culture and are appreciated.

        Slogan: “River Hub Dub”

  • hehe

    “Come here for an argument”

    • I Did Not Come Here for an Argument!

      – Haggling its Way into the 21st century.

      – Where Being Weird is Normal and Being Normal is Weird.

      – More Tech Savvy Than it Looks.

      – A Hippie on Every Corner.

  • More.

    – It’s not easy being green.

    – We Like Slogans

    – Pay Us To Visit

    – Wouldn’t Want To Be Anywhere Else

  • Another One

    This one was inspired by the sight of two kids scampering across Elliot St.:

    Brattleboro, VT – Where the Children Play

  • Brattleboro - where people

    Brattleboro – where people believe they are different
    Brattleboro – where no two snowflakes are alike
    Brattleboro – low income, high taxes and professional planning
    Brattleboro – where 20% vote and 100% defecate

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