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  • oh, nice!

    Feels like a poem to me – or paintings I’ve seen. I enjoyed especially the collage feel, the discontinuities within the unity. And of course I’m always happy to encounter the Heracleitean view – “Into the same rivers we both step & do not step.” Thanks. m.

  • Philosophical fiction loves loneliness?

    This is really good — funny, sad, romantic, and even poetic. It reminds me of things like that happy/sad afternoon I spent in Chicago once, in December, with someone, on our way to somewhere else. It was cold and breezy. We caught the modern art museum for less than an hour before they swept us out. Is time place? But what of matter? or does it… Yeah.

    If you do this writing thing from time to time, you should do it more 😉 Thanks for posting.

    P.S. Have you seen Local Hero? There’s an elusive Marina in that too.

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