The Acceptance

Here’s a project just completed in time for the new year. It’s an abstract, torn-paper animation done to accompany a song, The Acceptance, by composer and musician Denis Malloy.

It’s a short journey from dark to light, mixing torn edges and clean cut lines.

While working on it, I was somewhat influenced by a long list of friends and relatives that have had abnormal growths, bumps, lumps, cysts, and cancers in the last year. It really seemed like an explosion of misfiring cells in 2013.

Feel free to share…

The Acceptance from Christopher Grotke on Vimeo.

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  • Kudos to creative guy

    Wow, Chris – impressive effort! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks!

      It’s my first  project using the new animation system and the old animation stand from the children’s museum.

      About 1,300 photos of torn paper, and designed as an exercise to get back in the swing of things.

      Here’s a photo looking down at the “stage.” 

      • Long?

        How long did this take you, Chris?
        And does ‘acceptance’ refer to a Nobel Prize in animation?

      • Oh - I think I missed that

        Oh – I think I missed that you have a new animation system and told Dan that you must have spent a zillion hours and just as many scraps of paper using technology from when we ‘met’ in DC in 1991!

        • New version of the old process

          It’s the same animation stand and lights, but a new camera and I shoot to the computer rather than videotape now. Otherwise, it’s the same laborious process. I have a bag of scrap paper as result.

          This took from October until the year ended. probably about a week of full-time work if I packed it all together.

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