Spring Limericks

They say it is Spring, this I know.
Yet when I awoke there was snow.
I can’t take much more,
But need things at the store,
So off to shovel I go.

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  • spring exercise

    With shovelling now I have dealt,
    The exercise making me svelte.
    I’d rather be mowing,
    Or in a boat rowing.
    I still hope for significant melt.

    • LED lights are making their way across the Ocean, to Brattleboro

      We just bought many a small light
      so that we can put winter to flight
      We launch fake UFOs
      to mark winter’s close
      and create a spectacular sight.

  • Here comes the Sun ?

    Winter has spring in check
    and won’t let go of her neck
    It’s not really clear
    if spring’s winning this year.
    I can’t watch anymore, I’m a wreck.

  • later

    The significant melting we did get,
    and now things are mostly just wet.
    With that out of the way,
    by the end of the day,
    Spring appeared before the sun set.

    • Ran away

      I left Vermont after noon
      which apparently was a tad too soon
      I will be glad to return
      and gladder to learn
      that winter really won’t last till June.

  • Good God....is there no end

    Good God….is there no end to this miserable winter?????
    There aren’t enough limericks in the world to make this okay.

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