Make A Snow Head Out of A Pile Of Snow, Win $100

See all those piles of snow all over Brattleboro? Those are really the heads of giant happy monsters, waiting for you to carve out.

This year, thanks to a grant from the Town Arts Fund, there are three $100 prizes available for the top three Snow Heads, Judged for 1) Goofiness, 2) Artistry, or 3) The level of delight that it causes. 

For more examples and details, see

All you have to do is carve out a Snow Head, take its photo, and send it to by March 15.

It is very easy to make a successful Snow Head.

1) The human mind interprets any two black spots as eyes. Take a couple of coconuts, and blacken them in a fire, (or you can use two eggplants. ) Carve a deep socket and stick them in the head. Volia. Eyes.

2) Carve a LARGE mouth. The bigger the features, the more easily people will see the face you want them to.

3) For artistry, you will want to take more time to carve in the details. Making a nose is a good idea, and nostrils that are dug in deeply are much easier to see.

Please do not use anything but snow and vegetable matter, (leaves, eggplants, coconuts for example)


Don’t climb up any dangerous slippery icy piles.

This is a fun project. And its fun to get a chance to win $100. But the most fun, I think, comes from knowing people are going to turn some corner in Brattleboro, and laugh when they are unexpectedly faced with… a big happy monster of snow.


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  • Black Socks Or Stones Make Great Eyes Too.

    Another easy way to make eyeballs is to ball up black socks. Dark rocks work well too.

    You don’t have to make eyeballs to create a great, award winning face, but dark pupils really will make your face stand out from far away.

    • Shadows

      Carving out some depth to the eyeball area can create some dramatic shadows on some piles, depending on location. And eyebrow shapes can help let people know if this is a good snow monster or a mean snow monster…

      Some other eye-deas: sometimes leaves or sticks work for eyes or face parts, if you can find any. Or dirty snow, with clean snow packed around it to make it pop.

      Ice can sometimes make for nice teeth… either chunks of ice or icicles.

      I did one of these years ago when Rolf was first proposing and demonstrating these. Fun, and it’s fun to look at as it slowly melts away.

  • It's Snowing Again

    I sure would love to see some Snow Heads, both in town and photos sent to

  • Color

    Not suggesting anything in particular, but food coloring and water often has some magic powers…


    There are still many piles of snow left in Brattleboro that can be turned into snow heads.


    Send photo to

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