Vermont Re-Making Jurassic Park – You Can Be A Part Of It

There’s a project in Vermont this summer to re-create the film Jurassic Park, and you can be a part of it.

Crowdsourced Cinema VT is looking for Vermont filmmakers, videographers, artists, animators, musicians, and more to volunteer to re-make a scene from the dinosaur park movie. It’s a state-wide project and regional collaboration among media access centers.

If you sign up to participate, you’ll be assigned a scene from the movie to remake (or if you are a musician, to compose,) in your own style. Originality is required and encouraged. Scenes will be given out near the end of this month, and final work is due in early August.

Let’s show off, Brattleboro. I’ve signed up and plan to do something animated. I bet you could do something interesting, too. Help is available as well.

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