Is Up and Running! is my last dance, for which death must stop and wait.

On May 29, 2021, at about the same time that my mother gave birth to me 76 years ago, my wish to give birth to my new baby,, was fulfilled. As promised, 4 new stories appeared, not previously included in the earlier “Sneak Preview” version:

1. Remembering Wally White and Faith Ministries, originally published in the Religion Section of the December 19-20 Weekend Brattleboro Reformer is our lead story.

2. Proudly featured is The Dress by Phoebe Sparrow Wagner (formerly Pamela Spiro Wagner). This evocative piece (all too true) won first place at Vermont Counterpoint’s annual writing contest in 2015.

Two additional stories, also well-worth reading, are:

3.The Man With The Prehensile Thumb, and

4. Who’s Crazy?

I got the new front-page out on time, but a computer glitch made the FULL STORY jump-page buttons for the new articles inoperable until the afternoon.

Interested in comments and feedback.

Best to all,

Steven K-Brooks, Editor

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