Rosefire Writing Circles Welcomes New Writers

The Rosefire Writing Circle has been offering community and support for writers of all ages and abilities since 2016. Award-winning writer and veteran teacher Deborah Lee Luskin facilitates.

Deborah creates a safe and welcoming space where participants write to prompts designed to prime the creative pump. Writers focus and fly, spilling their words onto the page. Those who wish then read this new work, while others bear witness to these remarkable stories. The entire process enhances creativity; participants invariably write more, write better, and write with greater confidence.

The Rosefire Writing Circle is designed for maximum flexibility: Come when you can and pay what you can afford, starting at $20/session. Attend by Zoom on Mondays from 2-4 or write with us in person in Newfane on Fridays from 1-4 (East Coast Time).

For more information contact Deborah at

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