Is Live & Well!

“By the time a fool learns the game, the players have dispersed.”
African Proverb

Anyone else relates to that. . . or just me?

Just as I am getting the hang of this blogging thing, I wonder how many subscribers see another email almost like spam. And why not, we are all so busy and it is hard to slow down 🙂

Until now, the writing was good, except that it was poorly presented. I am not a programmer. It took time and lots of repetition laying out a page and making the site more user-friendly, until it stopped feeling to me like a frustration. Recently — finally “getting it” — working on has become a pleasure.

The print should be easier to read now, and navigating past issues and back pages will seem intuitive.

The December Issue features three, true vignettes, and a small photo-feature with birds. “Second Opinion,” is about a misunderstanding between 2 MDs, married to each other. There is a story revealing the life-long wisdom that I picked up from my High School orchestra teacher. And the last story is something amazing that happened on Christmas Eve, 47 years ago.

Worth a look?

Best Regards,
Steven K-Brooks
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