WSEFM Board Meeting Notes- Spring 2023

Call to Order

Review and Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting

Item: Determine Matter of Proper Appellation 

Summary: It has been brought to the attention of the FM Board that there exists inconsistency in regards to the spelling of the Farmers’(sic) Market. In some instances there is no inclusion of an apostrophe. In other cases an apostrophe is between either a singular Farmer, or at times following a plural Farmer(s), and the letter “s”.  


LV: Point of Order. I’m of the opinion that before delving into the question proper, we should discuss and vote on whether to refer to questions of the use of an apostrophe- in parentheses. To wit: Where should an “apostrophe” go, if indeed it is warranted?

RR: What does that have to do with the price of Kale?

DE: Exactly.

LZ: But we are still in agreement about Kale being good for you, we settled that a few meetings ago, right?

LV: Can we stay on the question of the designation of the word apostrophe as it’s applied so that we can more clearly determine referencing its proper place and whether a possessive form, whether singular or plural ought to be employed? Or not employed. Unemployed, in other words.

MP: What’s on the sign?

LV: That is not germane to my point of order.

SQ: I make a motion to vote that we leave all references to said apostrophe out there, hanging loose so to speak, no quote unquote apostrophes. Just naked apostrophes.

UN: There’s still a point of order floating out there. The chair asserts there may not have been adequate discussion on this, so I urge further deliberation before a motion is made or seconded. We can then proceed to vote knowing we haven’t rammed this down anyone’s “throat”.

*FM Counsel has advised usage of throat in parentheses is appropriate because throat in this case is metaphorical rather than an anatomical gullet.

UN: Ok, then. Where were we? All those in favor of curtailing discussion over whether to put the term apostrophe in quotes when writing about it, say AYE

DF: Point of Order!

UN: The chair recognizes DF

DF: Does designation in written form- should that include use of parenthesis- imply or dictate that we need to adopt “Air Quotes” when speaking about the apostrophe.

AL: As in (gestures) “Apostrophe”

SQ: What about *my* motion?

UN: Does anyone second the motion to vote to leave all references to the word apostrophe out there, naked?  (No gestures) Nobody?

Then the motion does not carry, discussion will resume.

OO: If I may.. I’m just a simple farmer but I believe we’re putting the proverbial cart before the horse here. It makes little sense to determine whether an apostrophe, which in this case determines possession- singular OR plural-is appropriate, when the issue at hand of whose Market it is that we’re trying to clarify is itself not especially clear. I mean, it can’t be “Farmers Market”, that’s just saying a bunch of Farmers. Since the Market exists for buyers of produce and such, as well as producers of the products, the name should reflect that fact.

EL: Are you suggesting apostrophe as contraction- squeezing Everyone into the equation?

UN: Is there either a question, or motion here?

OO: I was getting to that. If we adopt the term Farm Market…(“Farm Market”) -no apostrophe- all said bases are covered, and by virtue of ambiguity nobody in particular is excluded, and everyone in general is included.

RR: Could grow lettuce from seed and sell it before this is settled.

MP: After “Farm” erase the “er’s’” and stuff on the sign?

LZ: Just cover it up and do a little kale doodle over that last part.

DE: I like that

SQ: I withdraw my motion, and suggest we table the entire matter until further research and thought can be given, given the gravity of the issue.

UN: Is that a motion to table?

AL: Farm to Table

SQ: Sure. 

UN: Any seconds? (several hands are raised) The motion passes. The issue of the proper spelling of the title of our F… Market -which by the way has gotten on fairly well these decades without such formal clarification- is to be determined at a later date.


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  • Hmmm

    My take:

    Farmer’s Market = That one farmer owns a market!

    Farmers’ Market = Those farmers own a market together!

    Farmers Market = This is a market that features farmers.

    Farm Market = Here is a market that sells things for the farm.

    The more I write farm and farmer the weirder that word is getting to me, so I need to stop. : ) Farm!

    • What’s on the Sign?

      “Farmer’s” in, one farmer. A farmer. A for archetypal. *The* farmer, the farmer in all of us. Gary Farmer… Fanny Farmer…It is a far far, farmer thing I’ve done…Farm From the Maddening Crowd. (as if)…//Farhhhrgg…, help, Chris!

      Since this is all over the place, outta control even — we have to know, What’s the official call? If it’s “Farmer’s”; whose job is it to move (or add) all those apostrophes. Those apostrophes aren’t going to place themselves ya’know.

      Sheesh people, priorities!

  • The distant sea

    La Far Mer.


    Farmer’s’ (pronounced “farrmerzeserzerz.”) could be the solution we are looking for – the farmer and the farmers united.

    Or, we could try farmer”‘s” – an implied possessive.

  • On your Marks, Get set…. ?

    The start of the season is imminent, but it looks as if there’s no firm answer.

    The website name says one thing;
    The sign out front, another.
    The opening day announcement, something different…

    How about F*A*R*M*E*R*S* Market ?

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